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  • Scoring Breakdown


  • Can the area be seen from the street, adjacent areas or properties?

  • Can the street, adjacent areas or properties be seen from the area?

  • Does vegetation facilitate clear sightlines (e.g. are trees or landscaping obstructing visibility)?

  • Can communal areas be seen (e.g. public toilets, car parks, public phones)?

  • Can fences and gates be seen through?

  • Does the area encourage a variety of legitimate activities (e.g. playground, BBQ area, walking tracks)?

  • Can the area be seen after dark (e.g. consider if lighting in the area is sufficient for intended use)?


  • Are pedestrian movement routes (e.g. pathways) easy to follow?

  • Are all signs in good condition (e.g. park or facility signage)?

  • Are all signs well-located (e.g. at entry points)?

  • Are all signs easy to understand (clearly worded, not damaged or vandalised)?


  • Are buildings and spaces clearly defined between private, semi-private, and public space through signage or built environment (e.g. boundary fencing, bollards etc.)?


  • Is the area designed and managed to create a sense of community interaction?


  • Is the area well-maintained?

  • Is there evidence of target hardening measures where necessary (e.g. padlocks, grills on windows, properly constructed fencing, security doors)?

  • Is there any damage to infrastructure or equipment or graffiti present?


  • Are there any hiding places throughout the area (e.g. concealment spots)?

  • Is the area designed to reduce areas of vulnerability (e.g. bike/walkway tunnels lead to somehwhere, no heavily vegetated bushland surrounding pathways)?


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