Sections Completed

  • A - Check in Area

  • B - Boarding Lounge

  • C - VIP/CIP Passengers

  • D - Airport Facility

  • E - Help Desk Assistance

  • F - Meetings

Section A - Check In Area

  • Do agent full filled all counter ? (Premium counter,sky priority counter, GA miles counter,Without baggage counter,Group counter, EBT counter)

  • Is there any marshall staff directing passenger ? (utilization check in counter, self check in counter)

  • Do desks open and close on time and are there enough?

  • Are company logos and branding correct?

  • Are DCS online?

  • Is there boarding pass printer and baggage tag printer serviceable and on good condition ?

  • Are baggage scales / weigher in good condition and accordance with the actual weight of passenger baggage?

  • Are security questions displayed and drawn to passengers attention?

  • Do agent re check availability supporting documents ? (Boarding pass, Bag tag, limited released tag, Business class label, Priority label, Transit label, Door side label, Heavy weight label)

  • Are Dangerous Goods notices provided by handling agent? (All check in counter )

  • Is there check in agent appearance in accordance with GA standard ?

  • Do agent doing standard warm greeting Garuda Indonesia?

  • Do agent doing passenger profilling (pax identity check, physical check, ticket check, GA miles check)?

  • Do check in agent check if passengers request special meal?

  • Do agents check tickets (validity period,flight number & std,sub class ticket) or passports (validity period, and other travel documents) ?

  • Do agent doing baggage profilling ( physical baggage , baggage weight, baggage tag ,baggage destination)

  • Is cabin baggage viewed, weighed and tagged?

  • Are excess baggage collection procedures followed?

  • Do baggage belt run without stoppages?

Section B - Boarding Lounge

  • Do boarding staff full filled all gate ? (Gate 11 - 17)

  • Is there boarding staff appearance in accordance with GA standard ?

  • Do boarding staff arrive at gate on time?

  • Is there any mobile staff at boarding gate area?

  • Is there any available staff (PSA) in sky priority line at boarding gate area?

  • Is there any boarding gate staff guiding passengers in Avio Bridge?

  • Do boarding staff re check supporting documents (Form Notoc,Gendec,PIS,APB,Limited Released Label,Form MEDIF ,Pregnancy letter,CRJ Label Tag etc?

  • Do boarding staff check communication completeness (phone,handy talky, announcement tools ) and aviobridge serviceability ?

  • Are the departure lounge FIDS and gate screens correct?

  • Are DCS online?

  • Is there sky priority sign board and economy class sign board available and on good condition?

  • Do boarding staff doing Pre boarding announcement,Boarding announcement,last call,paging name?

  • Do boarding staff doing boarding management (Id Check,wheelchair 1st, priority pax, child,family pax) ?

  • Are online check-in passengers profiling checked?

  • Is there communication with ramp staff, re boarding time ETD, gate changes, aircraft position and registration?

  • Correct/Clear boarding announcements?

  • Are there sufficient buses and guiding staff for remote departures?

  • Do boarding staff doing sweeping baggage (Oversized cabin baggage) ?

  • Do boarding staff offload no show pax?

  • Do boarding staff inform to FSM about passengers needed special assistance ?

  • Baggage manifest?

  • Inbound/outbound Pax?

  • NOTOC (if applicable)

  • Loadsheet signed by captain and dispatcher?

  • Please indicate all flight files that have been checked, indicating any abnormalities (include flt#, date, reg and route):

Section C - VIP/CIP Passengers

  • Is there any VIP/CIP Passengers? (If Yes, please type flight & Pax information detail)

  • Is there any special request/assistance for Vip/Cip Passengers (wchr, meal, seat preference, buggy car, ambulift, etc) ?

  • Is there already check in seat ?

  • Is there any luggage ?

  • Is there any staff assistance?

  • Is there any connecting flight (inbound/outbound)?

  • Is already inform to arrival station ?

  • Is already coord. with Garuda Lounge ( VIP Room, Late boarding, spc. request, etc) ?

Section D - Airport Facility

  • Is the terminal 'secure' with security at all entrance points?

  • Is there all conveyors belt serviceable?

  • Are there baggage X-ray (OOG) serviceable?

  • Is there all aviobridge serviceable ? ( Gate 11 - 17)

  • Is there elevator for disable passengers serviceable ?

  • Is there escalator at check in area, boarding lounge and remote gate serviceable?

  • Is there elevator for remote boarding area serviceable ?

  • Is there electricity on all area in good condition?

Section E - Help Desk

  • Is there supporting documents completed ? (MEDIF, Pregnancy Letter, SECIT statement, LOI/FOI Form,etc)

  • Is there all wheelchairs on good condition and provided enough ?

  • Do help desk agent doing profilling pax ? (eldery pax, pregnant pax,ill passenger)

  • Is there any wheelchair staff stand by and filled ?

Section F - Meetings

  • Select date

  • Location of meeting:

  • Attendees; Name, Company & Position:

  • Agenda or Reason for Meeting:

  • Items Discussed:

  • Follow Up / Action Points (include responsible person and date action required):

Airport Station Checklist Complete

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