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  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

  • Work Order Number

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(T)ools, (S)afety Equipment and (M)aterials

  • Mechanic's tool set, refrigeration system tools

  • Cleaning tools and materials

  • Biocide

  • Ladder for the ceiling mounted units

  • Spare filters

  • Ladder

  • Biocide strips

Safety Guidelines

  • Follow site safety rules for lockout and tagout

  • Schedule outage with operating staff

  • Be very careful when climbing access ladders

  • Perform proper lockout/tagout steps of site safety rules

  • Don't leave fingerprints on ceiling tiles

  • Thoroughly clean working spaces

  • Review and follow the manufacturer's O and M instructions

  • Report any problems you find

  • Record the results in the maintenance log

Maintenance Procedures

  • Cover all exposed surfaces below the evaporator

  • Carefully remove access panels, covers, or ceiling tiles to gain access to the equipment

  • Clean and inspect the filter area of the unit

  • Clean or change filters

  • Clean drip pan and make sure condensate drains are clear. Treat with an EPA approved biocide

  • Check motor for freedom of operation

Maintenance Hours

  • Time spent on work order?

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