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(T)ools, (S)afety Equipment and (M)aterials

  • Mechanic's tool set. Refrigeration tools.

  • Rags and cleaning materials

  • Refrigerant leak tester

  • Replacement lamps

  • Ladder

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) for handling refrigerants

  • Rags

Safety Guidelines

  • Schedule work with operating personnel

  • Follow site safety rules for lockout and tagout

  • Be very careful when climbing roof access ladders

  • Review and follow the manufacturer’s instructions

  • Follow safety and environmental rules for refrigerants

  • Don't vent refrigerants. Refrigerants must be recovered

  • Submit a work order if refrigerants need to be added

  • Report any problems you find

  • Record the results in the maintenance log

Maintenance Procedures

  • Review the Airstack Chiller daily log sheet. Perform trending and assess any needed corrective action

  • Visually check power connections

  • Visually check control power connections

  • Visually check contactors and relays for damage and evidence of overheating

  • Dry clean all electrical compartments

  • Check sensors, within 2% of actual temperatures or pressures

  • Visually check the panel breaker, power wire and EG transfer

  • Check crankcase heaters for proper operation

  • Check and cycle Free Cool operating controls if equipped

  • Perform a visual check for oil or leaks

  • Visually check brazed joints and condenser for oil or leaks

  • Visually check refrigerant safety relief valve for oil or leaks

  • Check operation of liquid line solenoid valves

  • Check and record ambient temperatures, water temperature, refrigerant superheat and subcooling

  • Check pressure transducers and high-low pressure switches

  • Inspect and tighten schraeder cores and caps

  • Check system refrigerant sight glass for leaks or moisture

  • Manually switch hydronic pumps from 1 to 2 or from 2 to 1

  • Check all water side valves for proper position

  • Clean basket strainers, switch strainer valve position

  • Switch lead/lag switch on pumps

  • Check pump motor end bells for debris

  • Check pump seals for leakage

  • Power wash the inside of the pump cabinet

  • Power wash all outer surfaces with suitable cleaner

  • Water hose rinse all outer surfaces

  • Clean condenser coils with fresh water

  • Check insulation surfaces for integrity, condensate leaks

  • Perform a visual check for system water leaks

  • Check condenser fan shrouds, mounting and blades

  • Check fan hub clearance to motor

  • Remove debris and broom clean chiller area

Maintenance Hours

  • Estimated time spent on work order?

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