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Safety Guidelines

  • Schedule outage with operating personnel

  • Block traffic and set up alternate security measures

  • Follow site safety rules for lockout and tagout

  • Report equipment damage or deficiencies

  • Review and follow manufacturer's O&M instructions

  • Use extreme caution around moving gates and barriers. Moving gates can kill you or someone else

Maintenance Procedures

  • Grease all fittings and the clevis pin

  • Look for signs of damage to barriers, pumps, or control units

  • Check welding, especially in the joints (if necessary re-weld and treat with anti-rust)

  • Check piping and high pressure joints

  • Check pistons for signs of cracking or pitting. Check freedom of movement

  • Check the hydraulic cylinder

  • Clean barrier pit

  • Check sump pump for operability

  • Inspect the condition of the finish. If rust is present, wire brush and sand the area then paint with a primer and a matching color

  • Check traffic lights and replace any burned bulbs or LEDs

  • Check safety devices (loop, IR, etc) for proper operation and report any anomalies

  • Measure and record the resistance of the traffic loop.TOOLS, MATERILAS, AND EQUIPMENT:

  • Mechanic tool sets

  • Multimeter

  • Grease and grease gun

  • Coatings

  • Cleaning materials

Maintenance Hours

  • Estimated time spent on work order?

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