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(T)ools, (S)afety Equipment and (M)aterials

  • Mechanics tool set.

  • Ice machine cleaner. Consult the warning and safety requirements for hazardous ingredients and proper personal protective equipment

  • Filter cartridge

Safety Guidelines

  • Review manufacturer instructions

  • Cleaning requirements vary according to local water conditions and individual user operation.<br>Continuous check of the clarity of ice cubes and visual inspection of the water system parts,<br>evaporator plates, and the sump assembly before and after cleaning will indicate frequency and<br>procedure to be followed in local areas.

  • Ice Machine Cleaner contains Phosphoric and Hydroxy-acetic acids. These compounds are corrosive and may cause burns

  • Clean and sanitize ice storage bin interior once per week

Maintenance Procedures

  • Check and clean or service any optional water treatment devices, if any installed

  • Clean water strainer

  • Check that the cabinet is level, in the side-to-side and front-to-back directions

  • Clean the water system, evaporator plate and sump assembly, using a solution of ice machine cleaner. Refer to Cleaning - Icemaker

  • Check that the drain trough is snug on the evaporator plate

  • Check and tighten all bolts and screws

  • Check for water leaks and make corrections

  • (Clean and sanitize the ice storage bin weekly.)

  • Lubricate the condenser annually, but do not over-lubricate

  • Change water filter cartridge

  • Check the bin thermostat control bulb to test shut off. Holding ice against bin thermostat control bulb should cause the icemaker to shut off at the end of the harvest cycle. Within minutes after ice is removed from the bin thermostat control bulb, the icemaker will restart.

Maintenance Hours

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