Title Page

  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

  • Work order number

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(T)ools, (S)afety Equipment and (M)aterials

  • Electrician tool set

  • SAE #10 oil

  • Ladder

  • Cleaning materials

  • Vacuum

Safety Guidelines

  • Perform applicable lockout/tagout steps of site safety procedures to ensure equipment will not start

  • Schedule outage with operating personnel

  • Check with operating or area personnel for deficiencies

Maintenance Procedures

  • Remove covers

  • Thoroughly clean the exterior and interior of the unit including the heater and heating element

  • Check all electrical connections, including field and factory made connection for tightness

  • Inspect, clean and adjust thermostat

  • Inspect heater element

  • Check fan and motor for vibration and noise

  • Lubricate the fan motor

  • Check electrical wiring to motor

  • Check unit heater operation through complete cycle or up to ten minutes

Maintenance Hours

  • Estimated time spent on this work order?

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