1. Fill scrubber basket with CO2 absorbent + store in airtight container.

Label Container: Date Packed, Grade, Time Used, Time Left, User

Date Packed


Time Used
Time Left


2. Fill O2 & Diluent cylinders, analyze contents, label cylinders with name, date, contents.

psi/bar Dil Contents


psi/bar MOD



3. Install Regulators + Hoses on H-Plate

A. O2 system on right (head facing up) - run all lines under bottom tank strap.

4. Install Head Assembly Onto H-plate

A. 4 nylon allen screws

B. Run O2 solenoid line between right side
head mount, flange & H-plate. Tighten hose
to solenoid.

5. Install BCD, Yoke + Backplate Onto H-plate

A. Long screw on top, short screw on bottom -
secure with nylon keepers.

B. Install BCD on plate - inflator facing H-Plate.

C. Install yoke harness - Fastex clips facing BCD.

D. Install backplate and harness – place on
washers and tighten butterfly nuts.

6. Attach Counterlungs To Yoke

A. Insure inhale counterlung is on right side
(with bladder & yoke face-up).

B. Clip Fastex buckles in place

C. Line-up Velcro parts and compress

7. Install Counterlung Breathing Hoses To Head

A. Clean and lubricate O-rings, O-ring grooves
and mating surfaces.

B. Install hose nuts finger tight. Do not over-tighten.

8. Attach Gas Supply Lines To Diluent + Oxygen
Addition Valves On Counterlungs + BCD Inflator

A. Attach all 3 QD fittings. Pull on hoses to make
sure they are secure.

9. Assemble DSV/BOV + Hoses, Check + Install

A. Open/close, purge, mouthpiece

B. Check mushroom valve seals and flow direction

C. Install hoses onto DSV/BOV

D. Perform a mushroom valve sealing test
(stereo check)

E. Install DSV/BOV onto counterlungs
paying attention to flow direction arrow

F. Install LED Heads Up Display holder fix/attach
cable to breathing hose

10. Clean Head To Bucket Sealing Rings,
O-Ring Grooves + Lube O-Rings

A. Remove O-rings per manual instructions, clean +
replace if needed.

11. Clean Red CO2 Seal + Secure In Place

B. Make sure the red CO2 seal is firmly seated in its
groove (triple check!)

A. Make sure there is no debris, dust or lubricant.
Clean seal groove.

12. Check Filled CO2 Scrubber Basket

A. Basket top secure

B. Check for settling and firmness of absorbent bed

13. Check Scrubber Bucket

A. Ensure bucket sealing surface is clean

B. Basket compression spring installed + functional

C. Install bucket moisture pads

D. Make sure the pad is not resting on or interfering
with the basket compression spring

14. Place CO2 Basket In Bucket, Confirm Center
Tube Opening Up, Mount + Seal Bucket
To Head (record usage time on operational

14. Place CO2 Basket In Bucket, Confirm Center
Tube Opening Up, Mount + Seal Bucket
To Head (record usage time on operational

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.