1.1 Verify and record batteries (Solenoid/Wrist Display).


1.2 Wrist Display battery:


2. Turn off, Secure Wrist Display

3. Verify Heads Up Display Battery

4. Drain counterlungs of fluid

5. Remove CL weights

6. Remove weight pockets, weights, rinse and hang to dry

7. Soak complete, sealed unit in fresh water for 20 minutes if
possible or hose off with fresh water

8. Turn off O2 and drain lines, remove tank

9. Turn off diluent and drain lines, remove tank

10. Detach Bucket from head, record absorbent usage, or discard absorbent

Date packed


Total hours used

11. Sanitize bucket

12. Inspect O2 sensors, record readings in air

Sensor 1

Sensor 2

Sensor 3

13. Disassemble mouthpiece to counterlung hose assembly,
sanitize; hang to dry

14. Remove counterlungs, sanitize, hang to dry

15. Drain and hang BCD/backplate/head assembly in
a shaded area to dry.

16. Review maintenance/repair log and address any
repairs if required.

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