12 lead ECG stickers Fitzmedicalsupplies

Event recorder ECG stickers

Nebuliser masks paediatric 0.89€ excl VAT Fitzmedicalsupplies

Nebuliser mask adult 0.89€ excl VAT Fitzmedicalsupplies

Hand towels

Couch rolls

Minor surgery sets 3.50€ Hibernia ( including VAT and 30% discount for PCSA)

Suture 3.0 non absorbable

Suture 4.0 non absorbable

Suture 5.0 non absorbable

Suture 3.0 absorbable

Suture 4.0 absorbable




Dressing pack

Sterile scissors Hibernia

Gloves L vinyl

Sterile gloves

Disinfectant spray Bioguard

Alcoholic hand gel Bioguard

Ultrasound gel Promed

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