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Product Recall Prevention Checklist

  • Develop a culture of safety and quality.

  • Create a system for employee reporting.

  • Ensure that employees are trained to recognize safety-related issues so they are prepared to elevate these issues to management as soon as they see them.

  • Make employees comfortable in reporting safety issues.

  • Create a confidential path for reporting sensitive issues.

  • Ensure that information from employee reporting gets to the right people in your organization, based on its structure, roles, and responsibilities.

  • Maintain a culture that emphasizes and values product safety and compliance with CPSC requirements and voluntary standards.

  • Establish a mechanism for elevating product safety reports to senior management.

  • Prioritize senior management responsibility for compliance.

  • Promptly disclose deficiencies in compliance to senior management.

  • Perform regular product inspections.

  • Make safety a priority at the design stage.

  • Conduct adequate and relevant premarket and production testing.

  • Ensure that products meet or exceed safety requirements of relevant mandatory and voluntary safety standards.

  • Maintain a comprehensive quality assurance program and review its effectiveness regularly.

  • Conduct regular audits to confirm compliance within the organization and among suppliers.

  • Strictly enforce standard operating procedures at all sites and facilities.

  • Ensure that following standard operating procedures is easy and convenient for employees.

  • Establish systematic procedures for collecting the information to be reviewed and evaluated for potential safety issues.

  • Set up a system to capture all incidents and route potential safety-related incidents to the compliance team.

  • Establish a central database to track information.

  • Investigate incidents and areas of non-compliance thoroughly.

  • Accomplish the necessary corrective actions and implement preventive measures.

  • Uphold the highest possible standards for quality and safety across the organization.

  • Conduct regular risk assessments and reduce risk to the lowest level possible.


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