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  • Auditor Name

  • Date:

  • Machine Number

  • Part Number

Audit Questions

Audit Questions

  • Are the work stations safe, neat, clean & orderly with 5s being followed?

  • If no, please explain what needs to be corrected.

  • Is theTravel Ticket for the part being produced?

  • Is the Product Specification Tag correct for the part being produced?

  • Is the correct material being used for production? (Verify material on Production Report and compare to Material Kanban)

  • Has Daily Equipment Log been completed for today?

  • Has Process Sheet been completed for today?

  • Are there any Quality Alerts posted for this part today?

  • If Yes, are the instructions being followed? (Ask Tech or Operator for instructions)

  • Does this part have components?

  • If yes, have the components used been logged on the front or back of the Production Report?

  • Are the Suspect Part / NOK Part bins labeled and / or the proper color (Yellow or Red)?

  • Are there parts in the Suspect/Scrap bins?

  • If yes, have the suspect parts been documented on the Production Record or NOK Tag?

  • Has the machine had downtime today logged on Production Record, Downtime Log, or board on Production floor?

  • If yes, what was the downtime reason?

  • You can add any notes or comments here.

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