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A. Material Identification / Nonconforming Material

  • Are all racks and containers labeled?

  • Are all parts in the correct location?

  • Are all rejected parts, suspect parts and parts waiting for rework segregated in a nonconforming area or container?

B. Compliance to ODS & Quality Alerts

  • Is the work instruction in a good location for easy viewing? <br><br>

  • Are the operating steps / standardized work followed?

  • Are operators certified for the stations they are working at?

  • If a Quality Alert is posted, is it current? Clearly visible to the operator? Training recorded and followed?

C. Process / Product Monitoring

  • Were First Changeover parts approved, with parts tagged and stored?

  • Are the quality checks defined on the work instruction performed as required?

  • Were SPC or Go-No Go checks completed and recorded according to instructions?

D. Poka Yoke / Job Setup

  • Were job setups completed as required?

  • Were poka yoke verifications completed according to the instructions?

  • Are poka yoke bypass / reset requirements followed?

E. Calibration

  • Are all required gages, fixtures, etc available on the line, up-to-date for calibration, and in good condition?

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