General Requirement

Has the workforce undergone the Project HSE Induction and issued with the Project HSE Induction Stickers?

Was the daily Take-5 (Pre-job meeting) for workers conducted by supervisors?

Are the leading and lagging indicators tracked on the project and submitted to the Project Manager and Client?

Is the Weekly Project HSE Report submitted to the Project Manager?

Does the project maintained the HSE statistics?

Is there any incentive programme implemented for the project?

HSE Communication

What type of HSE awareness conducted on site? (HSE posters, Alerts and instructions at strategic work sites)

Show evidence of Weekly Time-out Briefing conducted to all the project workforce

Was the VSCC meeting and Afternoon Coordination meeting conducted on a daily basis?

Who are the attendees for the VSCC meeting and Afternoon Coordination meeting?

How are the HSE Policies (KSL, SOFEC and JV) communicated to the workforce on the project?

Is HSE matter discussed in the Periodic Progress meeting?

Hazard Reporting and Inspection Programmes

Was the Keppel Shipyard’s HazREP (Hazard Reporting & Engagement Programme) conducted effectively on the project?

Is there any analysis conducted for the HazREP?

See sample of Client – Keppel Weekly HSE inspection?

Is the Project Management HSE Walkthrough conducted on a weekly basis?

Are the equipment used on site well maintained and safe for use?

Is the HSE Action Tracking List maintained and tracked?

Risk Assessments

Are the risk assessments provided for the work and attached to the Permit-to-Work?

Verify the training competency of the RA leader and members.

Are the mitigation controls in place following the hierarchy of controls? (Elimination, Substitution, Engineering, Admin, PPE)

Sample the Job Hazard Analysis conducted for the project
Sample the tracking list for Management of Change
Operational Controls

Has the worker undergone the safety trainings as required by his work?

Is there compliance on the PPE requirement on site?

Are the welders, blasters and gougers using the double hearing protection? (Ear plugs and ear muffs)

Is hearing protection signage provide on-site for areas that are more than 85dB and do workers comply with the hearing protection?

Is the PTW board updated on daily basis?

Is the stages of Permit-to-Work complied by the respective parties?

Was there 2 Stage - Work at Height complied on site?

Personnel working on the hanging scaffold are wearing a full body harness with shock absorbers?

Are isolation requirements discussed and highlighted a the daily VSCC meeting? Was the Isolation Permit recorded in the daily VSCC meeting minutes?

How was the general housekeeping of the project site?

Are temporary electrical junction boxes inspected on a monthly basis?

Is there any tags with expiry dates provided for electrical cables?

Are the crane and lifting appliances inspected and valid? Verify the lifting certificate issued by Ministry of Manpower

Was the colour coded indicated for the lifting appliances?

Are Welding sets, welding holders, welding cables and electrical tools inspected once every 30 days?

Are the scaffolding platforms inspected every 7 days by a qualified Scaffold Supervisor?

Verify the competency of the Scaffold Supervisor

Are cutting hoses and gas torches are inspected every 14 days?

Are qualified radiographers deployed for radiography activities?

Confined Space

Was the gas checked conduced for the confined spaces?

Was there any Entry Permit for Confined Space applied for the confined space?

Was there any Confined Space Attendant deployed on site?

Has the Confined Space Attendant undergone relevant safety training?

Is the gas meters used calibrated and every 6 months?

Control, Manage and Use of Hazardous Materials

Is there a designated storage area for flammable materials with prominent safety signage displayed?

Was the Safety Data Sheet provided on site?

Are the persons involved in the use of the hazardous materials being briefed by the Supervisor? Show briefing/training records.

Environmental Programme

Does the project comply with the yard Waste Management Programme? (Following the coloured bins)

Is there any environment aspects and impacts conducted for the works?

Is there any secondary containment provided for hazardous substances?

Is the welding electrodes disposed less than 2 inches?

Is there a an oil pollution kit provided on site?

Is there any illegal discharge into the drainage such as oil, grits, chemicals and etc?

Is there any protection in place for grit blasting activities?

Emergency Response

Was there any emergency drills conducted for the project?

Was the emergency drill documented in the report and evaluated?

Is the emergency plan made available on site?

Are the fire-fighting equipment such as fire-extinguisher and hoses maintained in a good condition and inspected every 4 months?

Incident Reporting

Are all the incidents close for the project?

Was the incident reports provided to the client with the corrective actions taken?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.