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Site Pre-Start Check

  • 1- Is the site entrance and access route clear for crane and delivery vehicles?<br>

  • 2 - Is the crane position clear and visually suitable?

  • 3 - Can delivery vehicles get to their required off loading position and can trailer bags be fully deployed?

  • 4 - If scaffold platforms/handrails are required, are they suitable and are they at the required height, including any leading edge protection from phasing?

  • 5 - If leading edge passive fall protection is required, are all installation areas clear ready for the stated system?

  • 6 - Are all masonry bearings built, including outer leafs to within 225mm and fully cured?

  • 7 - Have all masonry walls that are parallel with floor beams been built up a minimum of 1 block course (EPS only - to enable the polystyrene edge block to be fixed correctly)?

  • 8 - Have all non load bearing walls been left down 1 block course below the soffit of the beams?

  • 9 - If temporary propping is required, is this positioned and signed off?

  • 10 - Are all steel bearing supports lined, secured and propped if required?

  • 11 - Is the steel frame structure lined, levelled and grouted (48hrs prior to installation)?

  • 12 - Have all overhead structural obstructions been removed, e.g. purlins, braces etc.?


  • 13 - Discuss and confirm that DPC will be available prior to commencement

  • 14 - Discuss and confirm that mortar will be available prior to commencement

  • 15 - Discuss and confirm that brick coursing slips will be available prior to commencement

  • 16 - Discuss and Confirm that the stated infill blocks will be available prior to commencement.

  • 17 - Discuss and confirm that suitably sized bags will be provided for waste polystyrene as noted in the site visit report

  • 18 - Discuss and confirm concreting of multiple beams

  • 19 - Discuss and confirm areas of flooring requiring a structural topping

  • 20 - Discuss and confirm areas of flooring requiring grouting

  • 21 - Have the RAMS/Lift plans been reviewed and understood by the site management team?

  • 22 - Is the site manager aware of what is required to have the site ready for installation?

  • 23 - If the installation date needs to be changed, has FPM office been informed, copying site into any date correspondences?

Pre-Start Acceptance -

  • The Site Manager must sign and confirm that any neccesary changes or works required that have been highlighted will be addressed and carried out before FP McCann's arrival on the agreed date. Failure to do so may result in an abortive visit or a partially completed installation, with any associated costs being passed onto the client.

  • Project Manager -

  • Site Management Representative -

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