• Road and access ways - unobstructed

  • Materials and fuel - storage areas and safe stacking

  • Scrap and refuse - control and remove

  • Drainage - adequate and clean

  • Fencing - barricades/hoardings

  • Toilet facilities - adequate and clean

  • Notice and signs - adequate and visible

  • Emergency telephone - numbers displayed

  • Hazard warnings - warning lights provided if required

  • Public safety provisions - barricades and/or hoarding

  • Overhead electrical conductors - clearly marked or flagged


  • Ladders - secure and at correct angle

  • Ramps, steps, stairs, trestles - stable and secure

  • Handrails - adequate for safety requirements

  • Internal stairways - temporary lighting installed

  • Access ways - clear and adequate

Traffic Management

  • Traffic management plan - in place

  • Road signage - in place

Mobile Plant

  • Condition - good mechanical condition

  • Noise - noise control provisions fitted

  • Guards - in place

  • Seat belts - fitted and operative

  • Safe working loads - marked

  • Travel - speed limits adhered to

  • Access and egress - operators using 3 points of contact

  • Gumala information pack - in each plant and vehicle

Tools & Equipment

  • Condition - good and undamaged

  • Guards - fitted and operative

  • Power connections, electrical, air, hydraulics - undamaged and secure

  • Explosive power tools - all regulations observed

  • Explosive power tools - warning notices displayed

  • Explosive power tools - lock up storage

  • Explosive power tools - used correctly

Welding & Cutting

  • Electrical, cables, leads, hoses connectors - good mechanical condition

  • Welding screens - in use as appropriate

  • Fumes - ventilation in confined spaces

  • Gas cylinder storage - safe location and upright

  • Gas cylinder trolleys - retaining chains in use

  • Gas gauges, hoses, connectors - check operation, leakage, damage

  • Flammable material - precautions taken

  • Sparks - spark arresting blankets used

Compressed Air

  • Air receivers - sound condition

  • Valves, gauges, drains - operation and condition

  • Hoses - protection from damage

  • Hoses - operations of couplings and retaining locks and fittings

  • Noise - noise protection equipment being used

Slings, Ropes, Chains, Etc.

  • Slings, ropes, chains, etc. - clean and sound condition, SWL tags

  • Register - records maintained


  • Quarterly inspection tags - on cords with correct data

  • Hydrants - clear access

  • Extinguishers - suitable, accessible and maintained

  • Special equipment - as required (fire blanket)

  • Notices - displayed as required

  • Flammable substances - storage, use and signage

  • Evacuation procedure - in place, notices

Personal Protective Equipment

  • PPE - helmets, gloves, safety footwear, safety glasses, long trousers, long shirt worn

  • Respiratory protection - face masks provided and used when required

  • Noise - hearing protection provided and used when required

First Aid

  • First aid kits - adequate first aid kits supplied

  • Stock levels - maintained

  • Staff - trained and certified

  • Injuries - recording procedure and system

  • Casualty removal - procedure for evacuation

  • Emergency phone numbers - numbers displayed and phone available

  • Emergencies - emergency rescue procedures for all areas, including elevated areas, using trained staff

  • Staff awareness - all staff aware of all first aid procedures


  • Safety & Health Policy - displayed on noticeboards

  • Environmental Policy - displayed on noticeboards

  • Incident investigations - procedure and system in place

  • Inductions - for all new employees on site, procedure and system in place

  • Site safety inspections - being carried out regularly

  • Safe work and operating procedures - for all tasks

  • Safety promotion - full awareness by all, training, safety talks, safety commitments

  • Toolbox meetings - regular toolbox meetings being held

  • Pre-start meetings - being held daily

  • Hazard identification and risk assessment - procedure and system in place

  • Take 5 - being completed before commencing all tasks

  • JHA - being completed before commencing all projects

  • Pre-start vehicle checks - being carried out before driving vehicles and operating mobile plant


  • Stiles in good condition, no cracks or dents

  • Rungs in good condition, none covered in grease or oil, dented, cracked or missing

  • Metal ladders not used near electrical equipment

  • Wooden ladders not painted

  • Non slip feet fitted

  • Ladders secured at top

  • All ladders platform style

  • Safety gate installed on all platform ladders

  • Ladders set on level base

  • Ladders not begin climbed with equipment in hand

  • 3 points of contact being made during access and egress


  • Fuels/oils correctly signed and bunded

  • Waste being disposed of correctly

  • Noise/dust pollution minimised

  • MSDS available for hazardous substances

  • Oils/chemicals spillage equipment available - spill kits

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