Title Page

  • Store

  • Store Number

  • ASM

  • Area

  • Region

  • Conducted on

  • Take Photos of The Windows, Main Gondolas and Impulse Counter.

People and Communication

  • All Associates wearing Company uniform and name badges?

  • Has the Store Diary been completed?

  • Are staff aware of the day's Sales Target?

Promotional Bulliten

  • Prior to the Promotion Changeover: checked & ticked

  • After Promotion Changover: checked & ticked

  • Has the final check sheet been signed on completion?

  • Was missing POS reported immediately - ref number?

  • Has Manager/Supervisor signed P4 Bulletin to confirm completion?

1st Impressions

  • Are the Penny Sale window posters in priority order & to the Bulletin?

  • Is the Click & Collect circle poster in the window?

  • Are only Company authorised posters in the window?

  • Are window lines bulked as per plan and impactful?

  • If a two window store - are the correct Standee's on show - XLS & Forza Diet?

  • Are the windows clean inside and out?

  • Is the A-Board clean and correct posters displayed?


  • Has all previous promotion material been removed?

  • Are the FSDU's set up for 'Christmas Clearance'?

  • Is all Hero Plinth POS featured on the correct Bays?

  • Is the counter unit on display and showing 'Pick up for £/€1' topper and items being highlighted to customers?

  • Is Christmas merchandising in place as per the planogram?

  • Are all the current Barkers out and showing correct prices?

  • No handwritten POS or shelf edge tickets in place?

  • Are the till units to planogram and full?

  • Has the impulse section been reviewed?


  • Is all POS correct and in place?

  • No handwritten or produced POS?

  • Do they feature the correct products?


  • Do the store have any Big Brave Bold displays?

  • Is the store using key Penny Sale lines for these displays?


  • Is active sampling taking place as per Bulletin?

  • Is the Sampling area clean, full and presentable?

  • Is the product available to purchase at the Sampling point?

  • Does it have the correct POS displayed?

  • Has the Sampling Trigger SKU been entered?


  • Is the store on track with the SEL roll-out?

  • Are they to the left of the product?

  • Are Manager Special stickers being used?

  • Are OOS tickets being used?

Business Information

  • How many OOS does the store have?

  • Feedback for the trade team, missing POS etc

  • ASM Actions

  • ASM Signature

  • Manager Signature

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