• Is area tidy and well kept?

  • Is there adequate storage provided?

  • Is floor free of obstructions and not slippery?

  • Are floor coverings in good condition?

  • Are isles wide enough and clear for traffic?


  • Is the temperature comfortable?

  • Is lighting adequate?

  • Are lighting covers and fittings secure?

  • Is the area free from odours?

  • Is the noise level acceptable/adequately controlled

  • Is ventilation adequate?


  • Are written procedures posted?

  • Are Fire extinguisher appropriate type and easily accessible?

  • Are visitor Emergency Guides available?

  • Can the alarm be heard in the area (if applicable)?

  • Is emergency and hazard signage is clearly visible?


  • Are First Aid kits accessible within 5 minutes?

  • Are kits stocked and contents in-date?

  • Are the names and contacts of first aiders displayed?


  • Are washing facilities clean and functional?

  • Are eating areas clean, hygienic & serviced?

  • Is there ready access to cool drinking water?

  • Are EHS posters and information displayed?


  • Are frequently used items within easy access between knee and shoulder?

  • Are heavy items stored at waist height ?

  • Are stored items adequately secured and stable?


  • Are recycling posters and information displayed?

  • Are paper recycling bins provided?

  • Are there notices to encourage double sided photocopying and printing displayed?


  • Does portable equipment hold current in date PAT testing certification/sticker?

  • Are power leads tested and tagged?

  • Are power leads off the floor or placed away from walkways?

  • Are power boards used (not double adaptors)?

  • Is faulty equipment removed from use tagged and put in the quarantine area?

  • Is there a quarantine area in play for warranty damage and returnable equipment?


  • Are MSDS available for any hazardous chemicals?

  • Are chemicals stored appropriately?


  • Are the areas around equipment clean?

  • Is access to equipment clear?

  • Is the office and equipment maintained in good condition?

  • Are there any sharp edges protruding into walkways?

  • Are frequently used photocopiers and printers kept in well ventilated areas?


  • Are there any comments to be passed on?

  • Are there any follow up actions to be put in place?

  • Are there any recommended actions?


  • Signature of the person compiling the report.

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