Title Page

  • Finished Product SKU

  • Conducted on

  • Conducted by

  • Site

  • Team Leaders Name

Line check

  • Is there a product Specification on line for this SKU

  • Has the line Hygiene and Glass audit been completed

  • Is the line clean and tidy

  • Have the 30 mins line checks been completed on time

Shipper Build

  • Check the shipper is built as per the specifications

  • Is there a display shipper built for reference

  • Correct placement of SKU's in the shipper?

  • Count the number of units in the shipper is correct

  • List the first layaside Sku

  • List the second layaside Sku

  • List the third layaside Sku

  • List the fourth layaside Sku

  • List the fifth layaside Sku

  • Do these products match the specification

  • What is the lowest BB date

  • What is the date on the finished good ticket

  • Does this match the lowest BB date of the Layerside stock

  • Shippers banded / Wrapped / Correct Palletisation as per customer spec and build up plan.

  • Is the finished goods label matching the product spec?

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