• Document No.

  • Employee Name

  • Procedure Number

  • Procedure Name

  • Audit Date

  • Auditor Name

  • Audit Instructions:

    When an employee’s training is determined to be needing assessed or re-assessed, Complete this document while assessing the level of competence the employee demonstrates performing the above procedure.

  • Is the employee trained to the procedure that she/he is performing?

  • Is the employee following the procedure that she/he is performing as defined?

  • Is the employee using the correct safety equipment?

  • Is the employee using the correct materials?

  • Is the employee using the correct tools?

  • Can the employee explain what the Quality Policy means?

  • Does the employee know the Quality Objectives relevant to this procedure?

  • Is the emplyee meeting the yield standards defined for this process?<br>

  • Inspect 10 parts, how many meet company requirements?

  • Can the employee identify good quality parts and all of the reject modes?

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