Site Details

Job Name and Number

Job number

Nature of Site Works

1. General Documentation

Notice board is in a visible/accessible location with correct documentation displayed?

Emergency Procedure?

Accident Record Book?

QTS Method Statement document?

Life saving rules displayed?

QTS Construction phase safety plan available on site ?

QTS Working hours Policy on site?


SSOW Pack?

Task Briefing Document?

Environmental/Incident reporting forms on site QTS/F/122?

Accident/Near Miss reporting forms on site? QTS/F/224 & QTS/F/183?

Relevant COSHH forms on site?

Are relevant risk assessments available on site?

Noise, Hand Arm Vibration Assessments on site?

Tool Box Talks undertaken this week?

Any comments

2. Site Safety

Fire Procedure/precautions in place?

Fire extinguishers on site and in date?

Safe access and egress routes known and clear?

First Aiders appointed and made know to all?

First aid box available on site?

Designated hospital identified?

Competency certs/cards on site non rail?

Materials stored safely?

Chemical Storage within secure facility?

Fuel Storage labelled and bunded?

Adequate Storage?

General site tidiness to a good standard?

Lighting in good order and adequate for task?

Barriers in place and in good order?

Separate traffic and pedestrian routes?

Excavations carried out safely with correct warning/barriers?

Any comments

3. PPE Questions?

Hi-Vis clothing in good order and all present?

Foot Protection?

Head Protection (hard hats 5yr Life Span)?

Eye Protection?

Hand Protection?

Ear Protection?

Face Protection?

Respiratory Protection?

Wet gear?

Chain saw clothing?

Climbing equipment?

Any comments

4. Plant Safety

Plant operatives certification?

Machine certificates?

Large plant in good condition?

Cat scan for buried services?

Services marked?

Permit to dig?

Lifting equipment/lift plan?


Banks man/Slinger?

Cranes-set up?

Abrasive wheels?


Any comments

5. Hazardous substances




6. Protecting public

Site fencing?


Traffic management?

Site security?

Warning signs?

Public segregated from working areas?

Effective prevention of Falling materials?

Any comments

7. Working platforms


Mobile towers?


Protection from falling at heights measures?


Competence for equipment?


Any comments

8. Railway SSOW

SSOW plan correct for site/task and implemented?

SSOW Briefing carried out by COSS?

Briefing carried out by MC/CC?

Certification PTS etc.?

Possession/line block arrangements?

Barrier Fencing as per SSOW and erected correctly?

Lookouts/SW (inc. equipment)?

Lookout risk assessment - red zone?

Line speed & sighting?

Places of safety?

Any comments

9. Environment

Waste produced?

Disposal method - carrier or processor details?

Noise levels and noise notices satisfactory?

Giant Hogweed/Japanese Knotweed/other?

Spill kits adequate and in place?

Protected species?

Protected areas?

Effective prevention of Dust/fumes?

Effective prevention of water pollution?

Effective oil and diesel storage?

10. Behavioural safety

Hazard awareness?

Compliance with risk Assessments?

Correct manual handling?

ID visible and access permits on site?

Contact lens wearers have glasses?

Knowledge of life saving rules?

11. Welfare

Toilets and washing facilities?

Drinking water available?

Changing/drying rooms available?

Transient sites?

Adequate site security?

Any comments

12. Quality

Has work been carried out to clients specification?

Are ongoing site checks satisfactory?

Are all products used to correct specification?

Has testing been undertaken and recorded?

Is site diary being maintained?

Have non-conformances a been addressed satisfactorily?

Any comments

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.