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1. Audit Questions

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  • Has a clear access route been created to the equipment and structure?

  • Has all waste generated by 8point8 works been removed from site?

  • Have all operators ladders been certified / tagged?

  • Is the Safe to Climb certificate present?

  • Have all operators fall arrest systems been certified / tagged?

  • Are the operators fall arrest system certificates available?

  • Have the operators eyebolts been certified / tagged?

  • Are the operators eyebolt certificates available?

  • Has the Lightning Protection (LP) test been completed?

  • Is the Lightning Protection (LP) test certificate available?

  • Have all air conditioning / fan units been inspected and filters cleaned?

  • Does the report include clear evidence of an "at height" check?

  • Have adequate pictures been uploaded?

  • Have the correct defects been logged?

  • Has the handover report been approved / rejected?


  • Is there any other quality issues on site not yet identified by this audit?


  • Have all required works been completed as per the scope / job instruction?

  • Have the correct materials been used for the works?

  • Has the scope, drawings or plans been adhered to?

  • Has the site been reinstated correctly?, and left in a satisfactory condition?

  • Has the site been left clean and tidy? (EG plant, machinery, waste, debris etc. removed)

  • Does the Handover Pack (HOP) contain the required photos, information and certification?


  • Is there any other quality issues on site not yet identified by this audit?


  • Is there a separate fire alarm system installed? (not combined with intruder alarm)

  • Has the work been carried out as per instruction from client?

  • Has the work been carried out to BS5389 - Part 1?

  • Is the panel showing healthy with no faults?

  • Has the panel got the correct fire isolation switch installed?

  • Is the installation wired in Red FP200 or fireproof cabling?

  • Are there sufficient smoke / heat detectors installed?

  • Does the installation contain a minimum of 2 sounders?

  • Is there a manual call point installed?

  • Is the system linked to the landlords system?

  • Is the mains supply correctly identified within the distribution board?

  • Are all warning / advisory notices installed?

  • Are all cables installed neatly with sufficient support? (EG metal tie wraps or P clips)

  • Have any cable ties been cut flush?

  • Are all cables glanded into devices satisfactorily?

  • Are the glands tight and secure?

  • Is the installation generally tidy and acceptable?

  • Has the site been cleared of all waste generated by the installation?


  • Has the HOP been completed and on i-auditor?

  • Has the NICEIC design certificate been issued?

  • Has the NICEIC installation certificate been issued?

  • Has the NICEIC commissioning certificate been issued?

  • Are the certificates completed correctly as per BS5389 Part1 ?


  • Are there any other quality issues relating to this site? (describe below)

2. Site Photos

  • Site Photos

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