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  • North Farm Depot

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  • Quarterly

  • Area

Fire Extinguisher checks

  • CO2 Outside, Yard G15

  • Foam Outside, Yard G15

  • CO2 Outside, Yard G12

  • Foam Outside, Yard G12

  • CO2 Outside, Yard G10

  • Foam Outside, Yard G10

  • CO2 Outside, Paper Shed

  • Foam Outside, Paper Shed

  • CO2 Outside, Yard G7

  • Foam Outside, Yard G7

  • CO2 Outside, TWBC entrance

  • Foam Outside, TWBC entrance

  • CO2 Outside, Yard G3

  • Foam Outside, Yard G3

  • CO2 Security office

  • Water Security office

  • CO2 Outside, Yard G7

  • Foam Outside, Yard G7

  • CO2 Electrical cupboard

  • CO2 Main entrance foyer

  • Water Main entrance foyer

  • CO2 TWBC entrance foyer

  • Foam TWBC entrance foyer

  • Extinguishers in 5 Ways workshop 5 Ways responsibility to maintain

  • First Floor

  • CO2 Urbaser reception

  • Water Urbaser reception

  • CO2 Urbaser corridor

  • Water Urbaser corridor

  • CO2 Tivoli corridor

  • Water Tivoli corridor

  • CO2 TWBC kitchen

  • Water TWBC kitchen

  • Fire blanket TWBC kitchen

  • CO2 TWBC corridor

  • Foam TWBC corridor

  • CO2 Boiler room

  • CO2 Comms room

  • Any additional extinguishers in contractors’ areas of responsibility Contractors responsibility to maintain

  • Fire Drill

Grit bins outside, salt in bins?

  • By Exit Barrier

  • Next to Vehicle Wash

  • By SKF Lock Up

  • Car Park

Spill Kits kit inside?

  • By Unit G5

  • By Unit G6

  • By Unit G7

  • Papershed

  • By Ad Blue Machine

  • Joint Walkaround with H & S Advisor


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