• Document No.

  • Client/Witness

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Description of hazard

  • Nature of hazard/dumped materials located

  • Contact details of person reporting hazard

  • Type of hazard/dumped materials

  • Details of the identified Hazard/dumped materials including any identifiable materials located.

  • Add photo of hazard

  • Location of the hazard/materials located

Assess the risk

  • What would be a reasonably foreseeable outcome if the materials were left insitu?

  • Consequence

  • Likelihood

  • Risk Rating

Risk Management officer to complete (this point onwards)

  • Name of Investigating Officer

Control the hazard/materials

  • Type of control

  • Other type of control

  • Describe actions undertaken to clean up the site and to locate possible offender.

  • Take a picture

  • Select date

Follow up actions

  • What follow up action is required

Person responsible for follow up

  • Who is responsible for follow up action?

  • Corrective action complete?

  • Take a picture of completed action

  • If incomplete when will corrective action be completed?

  • Date of review

  • Responsible person sign off

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