• Audit No.

  • RAMC North Coast Region - Repair Wire Rope Barrier

  • Audit Title

  • Contractor

  • Road

  • Start & End Chainage

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Traffic management appears suitable for task being undertaken

  • Conduct a traffic management audit.

  • DM Rep to be onsite for site marking out

  • Works procedure onsite and being followed

  • Quantities measured and recorded on works order.


  • Materials and components relevant to the type & design of wire rope barrier being repaired.

  • Manufacturers Specifications onsite and available for reference.

Activity 216 Specifications

  • The following operations are conducted: <br>• Removal of damaged barrier components<br>• Repair of barrier components<br>• Straitening of existing posts<br>• Erection of barrier<br>• Transport of any old components to the nearest maintenance depot

  • Wire rope barrier is reinstated to manufacturers specifications. All testing is conducted as per manufacturers specifications.

  • Geometric results recorded. Signed ITP of repair certifies geometric compliance.

  • Test results received and checked by LH/Supervisor

  • Conformance report submitted by DM in writing

Audit Sign-off

  • Inspector

  • Date of Audit completed

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