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Devices: Ramp Control Signs RM Activities: Ensure housing is intact, secure, clean and undamaged.

  • 1. Inspect and ensure all doors and locked operate freely and latches are in place. <br>Inspect and ensure door rubber seals are in place and joined around perimeter. <br>Remedy any noticeable gaps. <br>Inspect and ensure inside of cabinet is clean and free from dust and debris.

  • 2. Inspect and repair any corrosion spots.

  • 3. Inspect and ensure radio antenna is securely in place and properly connected. <br>Repair or replace if necessary

  • 4. Inspect and ensure vents are clean.

Device: Ramp Control Signs RM Activities: Ensure internals, circuit boards wiring, lamps, connections and ancillary equipment are intact, secure and in proper working order ***apply to RCB***

  • 1. Inspect and ensure all cables and connectors are in good condition, secure and firmly in place.

  • 2. Inspect and ensure there is no corrosion present on any cards or connectors.<br>

  • 3. Inspect painted circuit boards for brown or black areas on the board, around tracks, and/or components.<br>Replace board if this is detected

  • 5. Inspect and ensure all connectors are firmly in sockets and all wires are firmly in each connector.

  • 6. Inspect and ensure that incoming mains earth is connected to earth bar in switchboard and that metalwork is earthed.

  • 7. Inspect and ensure proper operation of radio.

  • 8. Inspect and ensure radio and that all communication connections are secure, clean and free of corrosion.

Devices: Ramp Control Signs RM Activities: Test and prove proper operation.

  • Perform operational test in conjunction with VicRoads by contacting TMC and confirming all functions operate correctly.

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