1. Site Documentation

  • Is there a current induction register on site and up to date?

  • Are site rules on display?

  • Is there evidence of PAT testing up to date for Portable Appliances?

  • Is there the appropriate test certification for hired and fixed plant held on site?

  • Is there a current Traffic Management Plan where required?

  • Is there a register of current First Aiders on site?

  • Are all operatives training records up to date and held on site?

  • Are Toolbox Talks being carried out?

2. Site Welfare facilities / Sanitary Facilities /Welfare units

  • Is there a proper canteen / rest area?

  • Is there adequate seating arrangements provided?

  • Are facilities provided for Hot beverages preparing hot food and storing food (Boiler, Microwave, Fridge)

  • Is there running hot and cold water?

  • Is there an adequate drying / changing room?

  • Is the canteen clean and tidy?

  • Is there lockable Sanitary facilities provided?

  • Are the toilet facilities clean and adequately equipped?

  • Are temporary welfare units onsite clean & Tidy

3. Personnel Protective Equipment PPE

  • Are all site personnel compliant with the site required PPE?

  • Is the PPE being worn adequate and suitable for the purpose?

  • Safety Boots

  • Hard Hats

  • Long sleeve clothing be worn onsite ?

  • High - Vis Clothing

  • Gloves

  • Ear Defenders

  • Mask

  • Eye Protection

4. Fire Prevention

  • Extinguishers in place and clear of obstructions?

  • Are extinguisher Inspected within the past 12 months?

  • Evacuation Plan Displayed and Understood by all Employees

  • Exit doors easily opened from inside and clear of obstructions?

  • Evacuation procedures discussed in Site Induction

5.Site Works

  • Is there a suitable and sufficient Risk Assessment and Method Statement for the job?

  • Is the site secured with appropriate fencing/hoarding?

  • Is there adequate warning notices/signs displayed on external fencing/hoarding and roads?

5.1 Traffic Control

  • Is Access and Egress suitable and compliant?

  • Are traffic management arrangements suitable and sufficient?

  • Safe pedestrian access provided?

  • Is there provision to minimise dust / mud from leaving the site?

  • Is there a current Fire evacuation plan on display (muster point)?

  • Is work areas congested?

  • Is there adequate storage facilities for materials?


  • Underground / overhead services clearly identified if present prior to work commencing?

  • Excavations sloped/benched/shored properly?

  • Is there safe access/egress into/out of the excavation?

  • Trenches/Excavations property barricaded/covered/protected as needed?

  • Spoils/tools/equipment properly placed not less than 2m from top edge of excavation?

  • Bunting / goal posts erected where required if in the vicinity of overhead power cables

5.3 Turbine base inspection

  • Excavation suitably shored and battered back to safe angle

  • Appropriate edge protection in place around excavation

  • Suitable hazard warning signage in place and in good condition

  • Welfare facilities in place and in good working order

  • Safe means of Access &egress in place

  • Handrails in position on access Ramp

  • Pedestrian access walkway in place on hardstand area

  • Crane setup in appropriate location , cordoned off and bog mats in place

  • Waste skips available

  • Steel storage area segregated from pedestrian areas

  • Parking area for site vehicles in place and clearly identifiable reverse park in operation

  • Concrete blinding in place and adequate time to cure allowed

  • Any areas which have potential for slips /trips/falls identified and remedial works carried out ?

  • If icy areas are deemed to be present has salt / Grit been deployed

5.4 Quarry /Borrow pit inspection

  • Is there adequate edge protection around the quarry/borrow pit face

  • Is there adequate signage around the quarry/borrow pit

  • Are ponds clearly fenced

7. Housekeeping

  • Walkways free of debris & slip/trip hazards?

  • No loose material/rubbish scattered in works area?

  • Equipment properly stored?

  • Adequate bins provided for rubbish?

  • No loose materials stored at height?

8. Vehicles/Machinery & Power Tools

  • Daily inspections carried out?

  • All mirrors and cameras in good working order

  • Equipment being used is in sound condition and fit for purpose?

  • Is test certificates carried out and copies present in site office?

  • Flashing beacons in working order and in use?

  • All driven plant was used correctly. Keys removed if not in use. Seat belts were worn. Parked or driven in a safe manner, in accordance with the traffic management plan.

  • Dust suppression used if cutting?


  • Is the SDS sheet available and held on site?

  • Is there any special PPE requirements?

  • Are hazardous substances properly stored?

  • Are there any hazardous substances being used?

10. Training

  • All operatives on site have the necessary Safety Training?

  • Have manual handling tasks been properly assessed?


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  • Site Manager

  • Inspection Auditor

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