Title Page

  • Client / Site

  • Property Name

  • Building number

  • Conducted on

  • Location
  • Inspection carried out by

  • Add signature


  • Add location
  • Add media

Inspection findings

  • Has last inspection report been viewed?

External areas

  • Add media

  • Is the development/property secure?

  • Condition of the Garden (grass, shrubs, trees, etc)

  • Condition of fencing?

  • Car park/Parking?

  • Bin store?

  • Appearance of roof?

  • Drains/Guttering?

  • External lighting?

  • Pathways?

  • Red Rock signage present and correct?

  • General comments:

  • Action required?

Internal areas

  • Add media

  • Access?

  • First impressions?

  • Notice Board? All required signage present and correct?

  • Cleanliness? Is the cleaning attendance sheet present and up-to-date?

  • Condition of cleanliness?

  • Flooring?

  • Cleanliness of floor

  • Stair nosings?

  • Condition of walls?

  • Handrails and Skirting boards - present and in good condition?

  • Internal lights? present and in working order?

  • Closure of internal doors?

  • Riser cupboards - Doors locked and cupboard secure?

  • Lifts in clean and working order?

  • Emergency light testing up-to-date?

  • AOV - present and in good condition?

  • Storage in the communal areas?

  • Internal decoration condition?

  • Action needed:

  • Further action needed

  • Electric meter readings:

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