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External Common Parts

Approach to Building

  • Cleanliness of approach area

  • Appearance of borders e.g. hedges, plants and shrubs

  • Condition of paving and hard surfaces

  • Condition of External Decoration

  • Is the render clean and free of marks or cracks?

  • Is the cladding clean and free of marks and intact?

  • Does the roof seem well maintained (from ground level)?

  • Do the gutters look clear of debris and intact?

  • Are all downpipes intact and well maintained?

  • Cleanliness of exterior windows

  • Are all window frames well maintained?

  • Cleanliness of communal bin store

  • Cleanliness of bike store(s)

  • Is all external lighting in working order?

  • Are all pedestrian gates in working order?

  • Is “Red Rock” signage in place?

  • Is the intercom clean and in working order?

Garden & Grounds

  • What is the condition of the grass/lawn?

  • Are there any weeds?

  • Condition of all shrubs and plants?

  • Are all trees well maintained?

  • Are all fences well maintained and in good condition?

  • Is the area free of litter and tidy?

Car Park

  • Are all vehicle gates in working order?

  • Are bay lines (and/or numbers) clearly labelled?

  • Is car park enforcement signage in place (if applicable)?

Internal Common Parts

Signage and Information

  • Is all information on the Notice Board?

  • Is the cleaning sheet signed up to date?

  • Is the emergency lighting log book signed up to date?

Health & Safety

  • Is the fire alarm showing any faults?

  • Is the AOV system showing any faults?

  • Is there a Fire Action notice in the building?

  • Is there “Fire Exit” signage in place?

  • Are “No Smoking” signs in place?

  • Are the fire doors well maintained and closing fully?

  • Are all communal cupboards locked shut?

  • Are all communal cupboards clear of combustible materials and storage?

Electrics & Compliance

  • What is the reading for the Landlords Electricity supply?

  • Is the latest fixed electrical certificate in date?

  • Is the lighting adequate and operational?

  • Are all electrical sockets in good condition?

Cleanliness & Decoration

  • Cleanliness of floor/carpet

  • Condition of carpet/flooring

  • Condition of Internal Decoration e.g. walls and ceilings

  • Are walls free from marks and clean?

  • Are all stair treads in good condition?

  • Are all bannisters present and in good condition?

  • Are all skirting boards clean?

  • Are all window sills clean and well maintained?

  • Is the area free from cobwebs?

  • Are stairwells clear and free from obstructions?

  • Are all areas free from personal items/storage?

  • Is the area free of odours and well ventilated?


  • Are lifts operational and in working order?

  • Are lift doors clean and free of smears?

  • Are lift floors clean and well maintained?

  • Is any glass within the lift intact and clean?

  • Is all lighting operational within the lift?

  • Is the lift telephone line active (upon testing?)

  • Are there emergency contact details within the lift?

General Observations

  • Overall condition of the development

  • General Observations

  • Inspection completed by

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