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Customer Sales Framework

  • Effective Questioning - Advisor to understand how this impacts a customers desire to buy based on recommendations and needs analysis. Best example of this is finding out as much info as you can about the customer and their usage, then move onto a summary recommendation - this is where you give them 1 or 2 options based on the information they have told you.

  • Visual Aids - Advisor to understand how the use of visual aids ( brochures, sales aids, leaflets etc) help a customer to make a decision, it also strengthens your position when dealing with objections.

  • Overcoming objections - objections come from customers because they are not in a position to buy. This can be for many reasons and some of them are not within your ability to overcome. That said, the main cause of a customer having not already made a purchase, is that we have either not explained the product clearly or we haven't found out enough information about the customer to make the correct recommendation. It is perfectly natural to be at this stage as we can't get it right every time, however we must address it before they leave. We can do this in many ways for example, ask the customer " What is it you're not quite sure on today?" "Do you have any questions abut the package?"

  • Best Observations - Take the advisor through all points of the Best Customer framework document. Once the advisor is confident with the customer journey, ask them to complete a best observation on a member of the team and compare against observations you have also made.<br>Once the advisor has completed this allow them to approach a customer under supervision and again both parties to complete a best observation and compare findings.

  • Reviews - Advisors to be taken through and setup with a personal "best workbook" . A time and date needs to arrange with their line manager to discuss their progress with this document and to agree PDP objectives and support for the advisor.

  • Understanding NPS - Advisor to understand the importance of NPS and how this impacts your future business. They will need to understand the reporting and how to find the detail so that they can take ownership of their score and to impact the result via conversations/actions.

  • Selling Insurance & Accessories- just like selling any product you need to do the basics (establish the customer current situtation, their need for the product and ensure you have visual aids to support the sale). Advisors must sell all products with honesty and integrity and in line with all OUK/TMUK/EE policies.

  • Fixed BroadBand - There are many support tools available for this product, ensure you go through the FBB E-learning material and Sales Plus web site. This product, like insurance, is supported by how well you have questioned your customer early on, simple questions like " Have you got a landline yet?" or " Did you know this phone connects to wifi automatically, have you got wifi yet?". We all have 'leading questions' and your team will share the best ones with you.

  • Increasing conversion - The easiest way to increase your own sales is to sell more products to the customer you have in front of you. After all, you have spent a while getting to know your customer and they obviously trust you to enough to make a purchase, you owe it to your customer to tell them about all the other fantastic products we have on offer, not just for them, but their families. Remember we want to be part of their digital lives and we are all responsible for educating our customer of the possibilities on offer.


  • EE Systems - please train the advisor on the following systems using the store expert app if required<br>Domino for PAYM, PAYG, Business, Sim replacements<br>Compass for building upgrade offers<br>My mobile app for basic account management

  • TMUK Systems - please train the advisor on the following systems using the store expert app if required<br>Domino for PAYM, PAYG, Business, Sim replacements<br>Compass for building upgrade offers<br>My mobile app for basic account management

  • OUK Systems - please train the advisor on the following systems using the store expert app if required<br>Enable for PAYM, PAYG, business, basic customer account queries and activating promos and services<br>Retail portal for Custer accounts<br>Compass for building upgrade offers

  • Cross Brand Systems - please train the advisor on the following systems<br>Bean store system<br>Stock control for deliveries<br>Cash management for banking<br>Sales Plus Portal<br>Repair & loan portal<br>Recycle & reward. Explain "swap to EE" process<br>Learning Zone / House<br>EE intranet site and legacy messenger portals<br>Store Email access<br>EID website and active logins<br>UK Mail site to arrange collections<br>Sap reporting suite<br>

  • Software Update Laptop - A third of all repairs can be fixed in store using our repair laptop. We wouldn't like to be told we need to be without our phone for up to 2 weeks and neither do our customers. Yes, it does take an extra 10 minutes to setup and run the updates but 33% of the time it will resolve the issue and will result in a 50% higher NPS score. Surely that is worth the extra 10 minutes?

  • Manual Trading - When working with advanced systems they sometimes breakdown. To limit the disruption to our customers and our stores we must be ready to manually trade. Please show the advisor where the manual trading kit is located and explain which department to call for each transaction type.

  • Regular Tasks - because our business by nature is of fast pace, it is important that we keep on top of communications and educate ourselves for our customers. There are several commucations that your manager will cascade to you but you can regularly keep yourself updated using the office site<br>How you can, Now you can<br>Price matrix<br>Product information<br>Albert for process and policies<br>Ticker for urgent updates<br>Churn report <br>POS shop website<br>Learning zone / House

Compliance Proection

  • Contract Compliance - please show and discuss a contract layout from yesterday's envelope - highlight the importance of proofs, signatures, identity checks, reprints, EID print outs, chip and pin slips, proof checklists, OFCOM boxes , Out of bundle charegs, activation codes and anything else relevant to the type of sale.

  • Daily Envelopes - All stores have a specific location for keeping new and used ones. Please discuss this and show the advisor the information required on the outside of the envelope. Show the advisor the sap report suite and explain why a sale wouldn't show on the report and how raise this with their line manager.

  • DPA & Store System Access - as part of your day one induction you should have been asked to sign two forms regarding data protection and accessing the systems in store. If you haven't signed these then please print, read, and sign them for your manager. There is also a mandatory e-learning for protecting customer data found on the learning zone / house

  • Churn Reports - there are many factors that influence the performance and productivity of our stores, some of them are not within our control but many others are and they can be found on this report. Please take the advisor through a recent Churn report and explain the jargon in the report highlighting why it is important and what impact it has on our business and customers.

  • Display Alarms - please show the advisor where the alarm equipment is located in store and how to replace a display handset and switch off a sounding alarm. Handsets should be checked daily for loose connections, faulty clamps, inappropriate content and most importantly that they are ready for our customers to experience.

  • Please enter any further training requests or support needed to be discussed with their line manager

  • Has the advisor had a 4 week review with the store manager

  • Has the advisor had a 8 week review with the store manager

  • Has the advisor had a 12 week review with the store manager and a PDP setup?

  • Does the advisor consent to having been trained on all the criteria contained to a comfortable level to effectively trade in store?

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