Store Notice Board

  • Is the OHS&E Store Notice Board set up, on display and Current

  • Are the Emergency Contacts up to date

  • Is the Evacuation Store Plan on display with marked evacuation meeting areas and all fire exits and safety equipment highlighted

  • Check all Safety Alert Notices (SAN) are on display adjacent to the notice board for the store team to review(3 Mnthly)

Safety Folder

  • Is a safety Folder Implemented in the store located in the management Office. It should contain
    1.Previous SAN 2. Housekeeping Checklist3. Sort meeting Agenda and team sign offs 4. Complete Risk Assessment
    5. Completed Monthly Vehicle Checklists

  • Are housekeeping inspections being carried out in store on a monthly basis

  • Are there any outstanding items
    (Refer to existing HK Inspections) Have they been closed off

  • Are SORT meetings completed and acknowledged and signed off by all team members.
    A minimum of 12 months of records must be available

First Aid & Equipment

  • Has the Store First Aid Kit been recently checked to ensure all contents available.
    Is it located near a water source?

  • Does the store have a certified First Aid Team Member? (List Person Below)

  • Is there a Fire blanket located in the kitchen

  • Does the store have an Emergency Spill Kit which is accessible at all times

  • Wet Floor Signs available in store for use as required

  • Fire Exit Doors clear of any obstruction and in correct working order.
    All exits are to have a marked area on the floor with yellow marked highlighting a 1m Clearance

  • Fire Hose Reels clear of any obstruction
    All Hose reels to have a marked area on the floor with yellow marks highlighting a 1m Clearance

  • Fire Extinguisher to be clear of any obstruction

Motor Vehicle

  • Is the Driver's Licence Register updated with all store members listed
    (Must be checked at least every three Months

  • Are the vehicle checklists being completed weekly
    (Area Manager to checklist for compliance)

  • Are Vehicles maintained as per the manufacturers service requirements

  • Are the "Repco Values Responsible Drivers' "Don't forget to brake" Stickers affixed to every Repco Vehicle

AC Gas and Chemical Compliance

  • Is the ARC ARTIC Sticker on display in the front Window

  • Are the HAZCHEM stickers on display in the front and back of building

  • Has all A/C gas in the store been checked and documented quarterly

  • A/C Gas Emergency Contact for decanting is on display where the A/C Gas Storage Area

  • The A/C Gas Risk Assessment is up to date (Annually) and located near to A/C gas storage Area

  • A/C Gas Emergency Contact for decanting is on display where the A/C Gas Storage Area

Team Knowledge

  • Are all team members aware of the OHS&E Incident Procedure

  • Get one team member to show you how to complete and incident report

Store Security

  • Key Holder Register in Place and up to date (Stored in Safe)

  • Store Key Holders secure till and cabinets keys at all times

  • Safe Secure

  • Store Alarm access is by individual PIN. Only persons authorised by the Area Manager are to
    Have PIN allocated

  • All doors (Except main Entrance) secured

  • Is the SECC Armed Robbery Cards on display near the Store Notice Board

  • Visitors and contractors book in place and properly managed

  • CCTV system functioning correctly and enables footage to be copied for review

Signature of person carrying out Audit

  • Signature of person carrying out Audit

Signature of Store Manager

  • Signature of Store Manager

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