Number of Guests:

Questions to ask during visit:

Were you greeted at the door by a friendly Door Host or Manager?

How long did you wait before been sat at your table? minutes

Were you sat at your table in a personal manner and name of server introduced?

Were menus opened at the table or placed flat on table?

If children at table, were colouring sheets/crayons offered to children?

Were restaurant toilets pointed out to you?

Was your table fully set with cutlery, napkins and marketing material?

Name of your server?


Were cocktail/ drinks recommended to you by your server?

List cocktails/drinks ordered at table?

How long did it take for cocktails/drinks to arrive? minutes

Were drinks prepared to recipe?

If drinks not made to recipe, please specify?

Garnish of drinks made to recipe?

Glassware of drinks made to recipe?

Visual presentation of cocktails?

Taste of cocktails/drinks?

Were you offered a free refill on soda if ordered?

Did your server have a good level of cocktail knowledge?

Were a second round of drinks offered to you ?

Photo of drinks

List starters ordered at table?

Were apps-side plates/wipes/tooth picks brought to table?

How long did it take for starters to arrive? minutes

Were starters prepared to recipe?

If starters not made to recipe, please specify?

Visual presentation of starters?

Taste of starters?

Temperature of starters?

Were starter plates cleared when finished and cutlery replenished?

Photo of starters
Food Main
Photo of mains & sides

List mains ordered at table?

List sides ordered at table?

Were upsells/onion rings/garlic bread/loaded fries suggested to your table?

How long did it take for mains to arrive? minutes

Were mains prepared to recipe?

If mains not made to recipe, please specify?

If sides not made to recipe, please specify?

If steak ordered were you asked if steak is cooked to your likeness?

Visual presentation of mains?

Taste of mains?

Temperature of mains?

Were all mains/sides plates cleared when finished ?


Were desserts suggested and promoted at your table?

List desserts ordered at your table?

How long did it take for desserts to arrive? minutes

Were desserts made to recipe?

If desserts not made to recipe, please specify?

Visual presentation of dessert?

Taste of desserts?

Were tea/coffee/drinks offered with/after desserts?


Describe your server’s performance?

Did you have the same server throughout your experience?

Did your server engage with your party throughout your meal?

Did your server engage with all guests in their section in the same manner?

Did you have to ask for the bill?

How long was the payment process?

What method of payment did you pay the bill?

Were you given change in vouchers if change over €10?


Was restaurant staffed to the correct level?

Was lighting level correct for time of day?

Was the restaurant clean and organised throughout your visit?

Were tables cleared and reset promptly for new guests?

Were toilets clean & restocked?

Was music set at the right level throughout your visit?

Overall Experience:

Describe any ‘High Five'' moments during your visit?

Would you return?

Would you recommend to a friend to visit?

What did you like most about your visit?

Rate your overall experience?

Rate your overall experience?

What would you change from your experience?

What could improve from your experience?

Were you offered a friendly thank you and good bye on leaving restaurant?

Additional comments relating to your visit