Part 145.A.10 (Scope)

  • AMC 145.A.10:
    (1) Does the organization adhere to 145.A.10?

Part 145.A.20 (Terms of approval)

  • AMC 145.A.20
    (1) Does the table contained in Appendix IV to Annex I (Part M) coincide with the scope of work?

Part 145.A.25 (Facilities required)

  • AMC 145.A.25(a)1. Q. Is there proof of tenancy?

  • AMC 145.A.25(a)3. Q. For line maintenance of aircraft, hangars are not essential but is recommended that access to hangar facilities can be demonstrated if required?

  • AMC 145.A.25(a)4. Q. Do maintenance staff have access to a paperwork area?

  • AMC 145.A.25(b)c)1. Q. Is the working environment temperature controlled?

  • AMC 145.A.25(b)c)2. Q. Is the working environment free from dust and other airborne contamination?

  • AMC 145.A.25(b)c)3. Q. Is the working environment sufficiently illuminated?

  • AMC 145.A.25(b)c)4. Q. Is the working environment load and are staff supplied with ear protection?

  • AMC 145.A.25(d)1. Q. Are storage areas for serviceable aircraft components clean, well ventilated and maintained a a constant dry temperature?

  • AMC 145.A.25(d)2. Q. Are the storage racks used in the area mentioned in AMC.145.A.25(d)1. strong enough for the intended job?

  • AMC 145.A.25(d)3. Q. Are all aircraft components kept in their respective packaging?

Part 145.A.30 (personnel requirements)

  • AMC 145.A.30(a) Q. Is there an organizational chart reflecting responsible managers for part145?

  • Part 145.A.30d) Q. Is there a maintenance man-hour plan?

  • AMC 145.A.30(d)1. Q. Are at least 50% of staff fully employed by the organization?

  • AMC 1 145.A.30(e) Q. Have staff been evaluated for competence by checking on-the-job performance, testing of knowledge, training records and experience records?

  • AMC 2 145.A.30(e) Q. Have staff received initial and continuation training on human factors?

  • AMC 3 145.A.30(e) Q. Have staff received fuel tank safety training?

  • AMC 4 145.A.30(e) Q. Have staff received EWIS training?

  • AMC 145.A.30(g) Q. Are any staff task trained (A license) and if so does there scope of work coincide with the list mentioned in AMC 145.A.30(g)?

Part 145.A.35 (Certifying staff and support staff)

  • Part 145.A.35b) Q. Do certifying staff hold company certification authorizations? Are they valid? Are certifying staff current (6 months of actual relevant aircraft maintenance in any consecutive 2 year period?

  • Part 145.A.35d) Q. Have certifying staff received continuation training every 2 years, this training will include up to date knowledge of relevant technology, organization procedures and human factor issues.

  • AMC 145.A.35(j)1. Q. Are all staff records up to date? Ref Part 145.A.35(j) also.

Part 145.A.40 (Equipment, tools and material)

  • AMC 145.A.40(a) Q. Is tooling ready available?

  • AMC 145.A.40(b) Q. Are all calibrated tools and test equipment controlled for calibration?

Part 145.A.42 (Acceptance of components)

  • Part 145.A.42a) Q. Are all items mentioned in the aforesaid part segregated as required?

  • AMC 145.A.42(b) Q. Spot check of EASA form 1 to check for correctness, condition of part etc?

Part 145.A.45 (Maintenance data)

  • Part 145.A.45 Q. Does the contracted 145 organization have access to approved data and is it up to date?

Part 145.A.47 (Production planning)

  • AMC 145.A.47(a) Q. Does the part 145 organization have a production plan?

  • AMC 145.A.47(c) Q. Does the part 145 organization have a shift handover?

Part 145.A.50 (Certification of maintenance)

  • Part 145.A.50 Q. Does the part 145 organization have a procedure for the issuance of an EASA form 1?

Part 145.A.55 (Maintenance records)

  • Part 145.A.55c) Q. Does the part 145 organization hold records of maintenance performed on the operators aircraft?

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