• Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Logan Kelsey

  • Location
  • Personnel

Pre-Job Check

  • Tailgate Topic

  • Add media

  • Permit if required (Hot work/Safe work)

  • JSA (filled out and signed by all on location

Heat Illness Prevention and Protection

  • Cooling Station

  • Cool Clean Water on Location

  • Employees Provides Heat Relief Breaks

Personal Protection Equipment

  • Add signature

  • Hard Hat- Head Protection

  • Gloves- Hand Protection

  • Safety Rated Safety Glasses- Eye Protection

  • Steel Toed Boots- Foot Protection

  • Ear Plugs- Hearing Protection

  • Gas Detection Monitor- H2S Personal Monitor

  • Gas Detection Monitor- Four Gas Monitor on Location

Emergency Response

  • Alarms & Shutdowns

  • Emergency Response Plan ( documented with primary and secondary muster areas)

  • Fire Extinguishers (in good condition, seals, labels, hoses)

  • Eye Wash Station

  • First Aid Kits (stocked with appropriate items, expiration dates)

Electrical Safety

  • Energy Isolation (LOTO)

  • Grounds

Fall Protection

  • Hand Rails (in use, cracks, breaks, bends)

  • Harness & Lanyard

  • SRL (Inspected and Tested

  • Escape Rope (Geronimo)

Lines & Slings

  • Hoisting Lines (inspected and checked for kinks breaks)

  • Guy Lines/Anchors (flagged, tightened, crossed, condition)

  • Slings wire/webbed (broken strands, cert tags, hooks)

  • Shackles/Pins

  • Chains

BLow Out Prevention Equipment (BOPE)

  • Hoses (holes, tears, hobbles, whip checks)

  • Test & Inspection

  • Bolts


  • Hand Tools

  • Power Tools


  • Hoses (condition, Fittings, Rating)

  • Safety Chains Whip Checks Hobbles


  • Mast (welds breaks ladder)

  • Drum

  • Rams

  • Cab

Chemical Hazards

  • Storage

  • SDS Sheets

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