• Is the local quay side safe?

  • Is the gangway safe?

  • Are the crew carrying out ISPS security checks?

Safety Requirements

  • JSA

  • First Aid Kit

  • Eye Wash Station

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Signs and Postings

  • Rescue Equipment


  • Are there substantial guards on all overboard areas?

  • Are walking surfaces non slip?

  • Are trip hazards clearly marked?

  • Is the deck lighting sufficient?


  • Licensing

  • Drivers License

  • Captains License

  • Certifications

  • Qualified Rigger

  • CPR & First Aid


  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Hard Hat

  • Gloves

  • Boots


  • Is the hold lighting sufficient?

  • Is hold access suitable?

  • Has the hold been gas tested?

  • Are there any unguarded edges in working areas?

  • Is the hold classed as a confined space?

  • Are the ladders in good condition?


  • Is the ships crane being used?

  • Is crane access safe?

  • Does the crane require noise testing?

  • Is a man basket to be used?

  • Is there suitable emergency equipment available

  • Is any specialist PPE being used?

  • Are hazardous cargos present?

  • Are staff following safety procedures?

  • Is the correct PPE being worn?

  • Is a supervisor present?

  • Do staff have suitable radio contact if needed?

  • If working at height are proper procedures being followed?

  • Is a vehicle to be used in the hold?

Steel cargo

  • Is the cargo stowed safely?

  • Is the cargo pre slung?

  • Is the landing area safe?

  • Are tools being used?

  • Is all dunnage being removed safely?


  • Is the safety cage used where needed?

  • Are twist locks being handled safely?

  • If lashing is taking place is it safe?


  • Is the cargo walling?

  • Means of discharge:

  • Is the BMH operating via remote?

  • Is there a safe location for the operator?


  • Is the vessel safe?

  • Is the vessel being discharged safely?

  • Have you had to take any corrective action during the audit?

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