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  • Auditor:

  • Audit Date:

  • Vehicle Cond.

  • Next Audit Due:

  • Engine Hours:

  • KM's:


  • General cabin appearance & cleanliness (inside & out) No rubbish in the cab and it is clean. No loose equipment in cab.

  • Cab & Bodywork Being maintained in good condition, not corroded or damaged

  • Chassis & Running Gear Being maintained, not corroded or damaged

  • Storage boxes, cabinets & toolboxes Clean and functional

  • Fire extinguisher Evident they are being maintained

  • In Cab Documentation Evident emergency procedure guides, safe handling guides, and licenses are being maintained. ie licence to manufacture, licence to operate and registration

  • NHVAS Stickers attached, Interception book present

  • Safety Equipment Evident DG PPE Kit, First aid kit, Saline eyewash, Hazard triangles, wheet nut indicators and chocks

  • Volvo basic toolkit In place

  • Safety Signage All required safety signage is in place and being maintained in clear legible condition

  • Guarding All guarding being maintained including is in place, is secure and has the correct legible signage

  • Lubrication Evidence that all grease points are being maintained, autogreasers are being filled and remote grease lines are being maintained

  • System operation Are all guages, counters and RPM readouts operational and being maintained


  • IVMS Last recordered entry in Masterblast to match Engine hrs on dashboard hr meter.

  • IVMS DVR unit Check IVMS DVR unit status indication lights. Check Amber "REC" light is ON, and Red "ALARM" light is IVMS DVR Unit NOT ON.

  • IVMS Dash Mount Screen Check unit is operational and user can be logged on

  • IVMS Dash Mount Screen Check unit is securely mounted, with no signs of Check cables and plugs are undamaged and securely attached

  • IVMS Cameras Check cameras are operational, securely mounted and aligned


  • General appearance, cleanliness Evident that the unit is being maintained

  • Fall protection Being maintained in good condition

  • Top of MMU bins Being maintained in good condition. All items secure and in good condition

  • Relief / roll over devices, visual check only Evident they are being maintained

  • Bins No external leaks, cracks or damage

  • Cleanliness & Crystalisation build ups MMU bins are clean, no leaks including around ANE pipe work & valves etc


  • Auger bearing standoff gaps All bearing stand offs in place and clear

  • Auger end seals, visual check Being maintained, are intact and not leaking

  • AN auger metering tube, visual check Is being maintained, is free from dents or cracks, no sign or corrosion, mounting bolts tight

  • AN auger straightness, alignment & flights, visual check BM7 Incline Auger Is being maintained, in good condition, no sign rubbing, extraordinary noise or vibration BM7 incline Auger. Ensure there is at least a 10mm gap between the bottom of the incline auger seal 1"slinger" and auger tube end plate.


  • DA slew motor and gearbox. Evidence of inspections being completed, clean and free from leaks or damage. Nothing cracked or loose

  • Discharge auger assembly & cradle Is being maintained and kept clean. Is in good condition. No cracks, no sign of corrosion. Safety chains functional

  • DA lift lift system In being maintained in good condition. All lifitng components are correctly fitted and in good condition


  • Documentation Log book is present and up to date

  • Thermofuses Is clear or obstruction, not leaking

  • Lubrication & maintenance Are in good condition with evidence they are being properly maintained and lubricated


  • Hose reels, motors, hoses and fittings. Hose reel drive are being maintained in good condition. Hoses and fittings are being maintained including burst protection and denso tape applied

  • Hose reel operation Working correctly, properly adjusted and maintained

  • Hose reel drums, structures & guarding In good condition, not corroded, damaged, or loose

  • Hose boom, cylinder, rotary unions, linkages, hoses & fittings In good maintained condition. Not damaged or degraded. Hoses and fittings are being maintained. iSafety chains functional

  • All flexible hoses including bull hoses and product delivery hoses Being maintained in good condition, no splits, leaks or dents, firmly attached with hose clamps no exposed wire or other damage


  • CA pumps Are being properly maintained, are functioning correctly, in good condition, no degradation or leaks

  • Pump cabinets Are being kept clean and maintained includings hatches seals etc

  • CA tanks Maintained, clean and in good condition including mounts, breathers, fitting and sight tubes


  • Water pump, motor, couplings, lines & fittings The system is being maintained, in good condition

  • Water tank, mounts, breathers, fittings, and lines Maintained, in good condition, not leaking or degraded, sight glass, breathers and filters are being cleaned


  • Process fuel pump hoses & fittings The system is being maintained including no leaks no degradation and denso tape is applied

  • Process fuel tank & mounts Being Maintained. No signs of leaks. Secure with no damage


  • Step up box No excessive noise, no leaks. Hydraulic reservoir system functioning, Mounting bolts secure

  • Hydraulic pumpsets, hoses & fittings No oil leaks, no noises or signs of corrosion. Denso tape applied

  • Hydraulic tank & Mounting Being Maintained. No signs of oil leaks. Oil Level visible in sightglass. Secure with no damage or corrosion

  • Hydraulic manifolds, valves, fittings & hoses Being maintained, clean, no leaks and denso taped

  • All hydraulic manifold hoses & fittings No signs of leaks, no splits in hoses, no cracks or corrosion in fittings, Denso tape applied

  • Hydraulic pipes & fittings Evident that system is being maintained including no leaks, denso tape is in place and hoses are in good condition

  • Hydraulic motors, Couplings & components Are being maintained and are in good condition. Couplings intact

  • All hydraulic cabinets Clean, no signs of leaks, door and cover seals intact

  • All guages, indicators & controls In good working condition


  • Air valves, water traps, lubricators The system is being maintained. Water traps are being emptied, no air leaks


  • Battery Isolator & remote button Is being maintained and operates correctly

  • Roll over sensor Is being maintained and operates correctly

  • E Stop system Is being maintained and operates correctly

  • All electrical & control panels Maintained in good, sealed, clean condition. All components are functional

  • Electrical conduits & wiring All wiring well maintained in conduits, secure and undamaged. No unauthorised modifications

  • Exernal Electical Components including flashing amber light, reverse beeper & work lights Maintained in good working condition

  • Process control panel & cabinet Cabinet secure & clean, switches & pots operative and labelled, readouts legible, wiring secure. All in good condition

  • Batteries, Lids, Cables Batteries are being maintained. Clean, secure, guarded condition


  • Blower Assemblies, hoses, fittings etc Maintained in good working condition _


  • Scales, Test Weights, Density Cups & Thermometer Are present, and being calibrated .

MMU Configuration Management Checklist

  • Fleet No:

  • Plant:

  • Date:

  • Water Tank

  • Water Tank Capacity

  • Auger Guarding Upgraded

  • Fall Protection

  • Control System

  • Pump Protection

  • Hydraulic System Coiling Fan

  • Fail Safe E Stop Circuit

  • PLC Cabinet Su. sort Brackets

  • Battery Box Cover

  • Rollover Protection Switch

  • Battery Isolator

  • Variable Flight Auger

  • HEB / XP - Aluminium System

  • Type of 25mm NB Hose Reel

  • 25mm NB Hose Reel

  • Powered 1.5 inch Hose Reel

  • Bin Lids

  • Blower System

  • Auger Interface


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