Title Page

  • Store Name & No.

  • Conducted on


  • Complaints outstanding?

  • Is there a ROC for every complaint within the last 13 weeks? (log names and action below)

  • Can an advisor tell you what the store's and their own S&S NPS is MTD?

  • Did you observe advisors discussing NPS on the shop floor?

  • Repair compliance MTD?

  • Asking an advisor, do they know what the MS questions are?

  • How is the individual making it personal?

  • Using the VM guide, is the store to plan?

  • General comment on shop floor standards?


  • Is there commercial board up to date?

  • Is the sales tracker up to date?

  • Does anyone in store have a PIP in place? (If yes, update progress in notes)

  • CRFs attached to all paperwork? (quality of CRF in notes)

  • Are zero sellers being tracked in store?

  • Ask a member of staff to demo a product and leave comment on quality.

  • Can staff demonstrate knowledge of key TLOs?

  • Describe the level of understanding the duty manager has of their business.


  • Can an advisor show you that they have punched in for their current shift?

  • Can they demonstrate how to check their rota and book annual leave?

  • Has the RM checklist been completed within the last 6 months?

  • Are tablet tills in cases when on shop floor?

  • Is the store manager completing weekly, monthly & quarterly checks?

  • Stock counts & variance investigations completed within SLA?

  • Any outstanding facility issues, if so, when were they last chased up?

  • How many RAs are outstanding? (Note how many are over SLA)

  • Can staff demonstrate what to do when returning an Apple product? (FMIP)

  • General comments on BO standards.


  • Can the SM confirm via the Digital Academy app, staff completion levels?

  • Have all staff attended WE'RE EE training?

  • Is everyone in store aware of the Aspire program?

  • Who's on Aspire and on what stages?

  • Is all mandatory training complete?

  • Are all monthly reviews complete? (Comment on quality)

  • Do all level 3 staff have a PDP in place?

  • Do all level 1 staff have a PIP in place?

  • Are the team aware of the Your Say results?

  • If so, are they aware of the plan?

  • Is the latest "giving something back" activity POS on display?

Summary & Sign-Off

  • Store manager comments

  • RM comments

  • Duty Manager sign off

  • RM sign off

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