Time arrived to New site
Time Arrived on job

Did you Pick up Materials for this job ?

PRE-PAINT Quality Report
SANDING - Is Sanding satisfactory

SANDING - Have Internals & Externals been sanded satisfactorily ?

SANDING - Is Sanding Free of Pin Holes ?

Comments about Sanding


CORNICE - Is Cornice Straight & Level ?

CORNICE - Are Mitres Clean & Ok ?

CORNICE - Is Cornice Clean ?

CORNICE - Is Straight Stopping Ok ?

Comments about Cornice


Are Showers Painted ?

Tiled Areas nailed or screwed correctly ?

Taps & Roses Sealed ?

Bath Taped & Caulked ?

Niches Neat & Clean ?

Comments about Bathrooms-Ensuites


Job Swept Out ?

Internals Clean ?

Floor & Walls De - Dagged ?

Rubbish removed from inside ?


Is the job complete as far as Practical ?

Has Manhole been cut out ?

Is Troweling within tolerance ?

General comments


Has Finish Off been completed

Is a Return Trip Required

Was there sufficient materials on site

Time taken for finish off

Cornice to Kitchen Cupboards

Were the kitchens ready to cornice ?

Was there Sufficient materials on site

Additional Work - Not related to Finnish Off - Kitchen Cupboards

Enter additional work required

Is a Purchase Order Required or Issued

Time taken for additional work

Time Left Site
Time Left site

Was lunch taken at this address

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