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  • Monthly Staff Audits - Office (Zone 1)

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • Clean and orderly, free of hazards? If not, in which part.

  • Identify the area of hazard.

Machinery and Equipment

  • Electrical cables in area?

  • Loose cables?

  • Please identify areas of concern.

  • Spliced cables?

  • Please identify areas of concern.

  • Crossed cables?

  • Please identify areas of concern.

  • Electrical contacts in good condition?

  • Lights working are in safety conditions?

  • Ceiling tile in good condition?

  • Please identify areas of concern.

  • Housekeeping in offices and common areas?

  • Please identify areas of concern.

Chemical Substances

  • Are free of chemical substances?

  • Please identify items of concern.

Protection vs. Fire and Emergency

  • Alarm system in good condition and emergency exits alarmed?

  • Extinguishers placed in good conditions?

  • Have the extinguishers been inspected?

  • Are the extinguishers blocked?

  • Please indicate areas of concern.

  • Emergency door(s) unblocked?

  • Please indicate areas of concern.

Contractors and Maintenance

  • Is area blocked off with yellow caution tape?

  • In case of Hazardous work (electricity lines energized, work at height above 1.8 meters or intervention of fire-fighting system)

  • They have hazardous work permit?

  • Actions described in the permit are fulfilled?

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