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  • Name of guest

  • When inspection is conducted

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  • Area/s inspected

  • Prepared by

  • Personnel who conducted inspection

Previous Audit review

Historical background

  • Review the previous inspection report

  • Date last inspection was done

  • Previous issues/concerns from the last inspection report closed?

  • Unclosed concerns from previous inspection report

  • Concerns/issues
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  • Door handles and locks working properly?

  • Is the room signage intact?

  • Door free of smudges and scratches?

  • Penthouse House Rules posted at the back of the door?

  • Doors open easily and quietly?

Windows and drapes

  • Drapes are closed, hooks in place?

  • Drapes have smooth pulling action?

  • Drapes free of damage and stains?

  • Windows open and close properly?

  • Windows have no signs of leaks from rain?

  • Window glass clean inside and outside?

  • Windows free of cracks?


  • Beds uniformly made so that spreads are even in appearance, pillows are same size?

  • Under beds free of trash?

  • Beds and headboards aligned?

  • Bed spread free of rips and stain?


  • Furnishings free of dust, dirt and scratches?

  • Lamp shades straight, with seams facing the wall?

  • Turn on the TV; is it clean and working properly?

  • TV remote and Cignal cable working properly?

  • Are all the furniture straight?

  • Is the telephone clean and working properly?

  • Upholstery clean and in good condition without damage?

  • All mirrors clean?

  • All drawers slide out easily?

  • Dining table and chairs clean and without scratches or damage?


  • Floor, walls, ceiling and all fixtures free from cobwebs, mildew, dirt, hair and grit?

  • Is the exhaust fan working properly?

  • Is there a clothes hook behind the bathroom door?

  • All chrome finish shiny?

  • No foul odors?

  • Showers, faucets working properly and with good water pressure?

  • Is the water heater working properly?

  • All glass and mirror free from dirt, stain and mildew?

  • Toilet flush working, clean and without leaks?

  • Is the toilet seat cover clean and in good condition both sides?

  • Toilet bowl free from stain and foul odor?

  • All drains are working properly?

  • Bidet working properly and without leaks?

  • Vanity sink free from dirt and stains?

Cabinets and closets

  • Do the doors slide easily and with lights on?

  • Shelves free from scratches and damage?

  • Cabinet doors working properly?

  • Storage cabinet with enough stocks of linens and towels?

  • All drawers slide out easily?


  • Refrigerator clean, without odor and working properly?

  • Faucets working properly with good water pressure?

  • Drains working properly?

  • Kitchen hood clean?

  • Are all utensils, glasses clean and complete?

  • Are all kitchen equipment and appliances complete and working properly?


  • Are the floor and walls of the balcony free from damages and stains?

  • Are the furnishings clean and free from damage?

  • Floor drains free from dirt and working properly?

  • Are the railings solidly anchored and clean?



  • No busted lamps?

  • Details
  • Location

  • Quantity

  • Type of lamp

  • Warranty expired?

  • Date warranty expires

Wiring devices

  • Are the switches in good condition?

  • Are th outlets in good condition?



  • Turn on all Airconditioning; is there proper cooling and operation?

  • No leaks and foul odor?

  • Remote control working properly?


Other checkpoints

  • Ceilings clean, free from cobwebs, water leak stains and damage?

  • Walls clean, free from cobwebs, water leak stains and damage?

  • Floors clean with no scratches and damage?

  • All trash bins emptied, washed, lined with trash bag and free from foul odor?

  • Is the fire extinguisher ok?

  • Are the flowers and vases clean and without damage?

  • Evacuation map displayed on the wall?

  • Emergency numbers posted near the telephone?


  • Summary of findings

  • Concern
  • Details

  • Photo

  • Responsibility

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