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Required Documentation: Phase = Design Audit


  • Is the BOS Tour 100% complete for the last full month and current month?

  • Have all the actions from the hazard tour been completed or added to safety action list and hazard form updated?

  • Is the Safety Training Completion > 95%? for the team

  • Zero overdue F100's

  • Zero overdue safety actions

  • Has a healthcheck been completed within the last month and is the score comparable with this healthcheck

  • Are all results in target for last full month

  • Is the system DMS measure Zero Repeat F100's and recordables at zero for the last full month and current month?


  • Is the daily trigger system being used and does it reflect the risks in the line/department

  • Have you had a 1-2-1 in the last 90 days that. Included a safety section

  • Can 2 members of your team and 1 temp demonstrate the correct pallet handling procedure?

  • How often do you rotate positions on your line can you show me the pattern:<br> - Rotation every hour or less = YES<br> - Does the pattern split like for like tasks?

  • Are you trained to do the task (show the training)

  • Is the task covered by a procedure

  • Follow the prodeure does it cover all the risks and is the standard good enough

  • If someone was going to get hurt in your area where would it happen and why? Is this captured in the loss map?

  • If someone was going to get hurt in your area where would it happen and why? Is this captured in the loss map?

  • Is the risk activley being worked

  • Can you show me the JSA/JSP folder for your area is it upto date and at standard

  • Pick a JSA/JSP at random - follow an operator through the procedure. Does the operator follow the procedure correctly?

  • Does your leadership team offer the right amount of support in your role as a safety system owner?

  • Does your leadership team demonstrate the correct behaviour towards safety?

  • Can you describe when you would use a written risk prediction

  • Can you describe when you would need a permit

  • Can you describe who responsibility it is to highlight safety issues and how would you do it.

  • For EU, stranded wires need to be crimped with a ferrule unless the nature of the termination point of that wire excludes the reasonable use of ferrules.

  • Moving cables (e.g. telescope arms, flexible cable trays, …) need to be highly flexible and made for that purpose.

  • Cables need adequate stress relief where required


  • Is the correct PPE being worn for the task - observe an operator

  • Are all mobile connections correctly routed as not to cause a trip hazard as per JSP

  • ODM's input


  • Are the correct driving standards being adhered to - observe an operator

  • ?????? ODM's input


  • Is their any help you need from Safety or any other department?


  • 100% = Perfect - nothing but positive feedback to give

  • >80% = Good - minor feedback but system working well

  • 80-50% = Average - Needs attention, opportunity feedback will be effecting results

  • <50% = Poor - Needs escalation, the system is broken and not been valued by leadership

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