Descriptive Information

  • • Company Name and Title of Inspection

  • • Date of Inspection

  • • Name and Signature of Inspector

  • • Press Identifier

  • • Identified Specific OSHA standards that may be applicable:
    ANSI B11.1

  • Score

Inspection Items

Mechanical System

  • • Ram/slide in good condition and lubricated

  • • Single Stroke/Anti-repeat

  • • Flywheel condition and lubrication

  • • Bolster plate is secured to bed of press

  • • Motor is secure and aligned with flywheel

  • • Flywheel belt in good condition and proper tension

  • • Frame is secured to floor and has no cracks

  • • Pins, bolts and fasteners are tight and not damaged

  • • Manufacturer plate (capacity) legible

  • Score

Electrical Systems

  • • Start/Stop Switch

  • • Lockout/Tagout capable

  • • Condition of electrical wiring

  • • Restart required for power disruption

  • Score


  • • Point of operation is guarded

  • • PO guard is properly adjusted and secure

  • • Rear of press guarded

  • • Power transmission is guarded

  • • PT guard is secure

  • • Foot Treadle is guarded and compression spring secure

  • • PPE provided for operators

  • • Hand tools to support safeguarding

  • Score


  • • Good Housekeeping around press and press is clean

  • • Inspectors are trained

  • • Documentation of Inspections

  • Score


  • • Recommendations and/or actions for "NO" responses

  • • Follow-up time/date for recommendations/actions

  • • Management Review/sign-off

  • Score


  • Name and Signature of Student

  • Checked by

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