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Safe management of care equipment audit

Safe management of care equipment audit tool

  • Staff are aware of how to access the Community Infection Prevention and Control Policy on Safe management of care equipment.

  • Detergent wipes or pH neutral detergent and warm water, disposable cloth and paper towels, are available for the cleaning of equipment.

  • An appropriate chlorine-based disinfectant is available, e.g. Milton, for the disinfection of equipment.

  • A fresh solution of disinfectant is made up every 24 hours and marked with the date and time of preparation - N/A as use pre-diluted products.

  • Equipment is decontaminated in a designated area or away from clean items of equipment.

  • Hands are washed with liquid soap and warm running water before and after decontaminating equipment.

  • Disposable gloves and apron are worn when decontaminating equipment.

  • Eye protection, e.g. goggles, are worn if there is a risk of splashing to the eyes when decontaminating equipment.

  • Staff are aware that when cleaning equipment, they should work from clean to dirty, top to bottom, wiping in a ‘S’ shaped pattern, taking care not to go over the same area twice.

  • There is documented evidence that equipment stored or not currently used by a resident has been decontaminated.

  • Equipment that has been decontaminated is clean, free from dust, dirt and body fluid stains, and is within one month of the date written when last decontaminated.

  • Staff should check 5 items of equipment. All items should be clean and free from dust, dirt or body fluid stains. Details of the equipment checked should be documented. All items must be clean to score a yes.

  • Item 1

  • Item 1 clean?

  • Item 2

  • Item 2 clean?

  • Item 3

  • Item 3 clean?

  • Item 4

  • Item 4 clean?

  • Item 5

  • Item 5 clean?

  • Equipment is in a good condition, e.g. no rust, label residue or damage which would prevent effective cleaning.

  • Staff can describe the symbol used to indicate ‘single use’ items.

  • Staff are aware that ‘single use’ items should not be reused.

  • Staff are aware that ‘single patient use’ items, e.g. nebulisers, oxygen masks can be reused on the same resident but not on any other resident.

  • Were there any failings on this audit?

  • What were the failures?

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