New Worker Orientation

  • Is a new worker orientation procedure/policy available for review?

  • Enter the date that the New Worker Orientation policy is signed

  • Compare aspects of the New Worker Orientation to the attached SAFE Work MB checklist

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  • Does the company have a sample "Worker Safety Observation Form" for evaluating competency?

  • Does the company have a sample "New Worker learning outcome objective" form?

  • Image capture of any New Worker Orientation policies or procedures

  • Do workers know about orientation?

  • When is orientation provided?

  • Who typically delivers orientation?


  • Have training records been reviewed?

  • How are training records kept?

  • What information is captured on the training records?

  • Are supervisors involved and responsible for completing worker training and establishing competency?

Competency Evaluation Records

  • Is Young Worker competency measured/evaluated? (Eg. Training records, written tests, demonstrations, supervisor observations, buddy or mentoring system?

  • Is refresher training provided to maintain training effectiveness?

Injury and Hazard Reporting?

  • How are injuries reported?

  • Does the company have an injury report form?

  • Are near misses reported separately from other injuries?

  • Are Young Workers encouraged to speak up and ask safety questions when they are unsure about completing a task?

  • How do Young Workers report unsafe conditions


  • Does the company investigate incidents?

  • Does the investigation involve the committee or supervisor?

  • Does the company identify and implement corrective actions and follow-up to ensure they are corrected?

  • Does the committee review Young Worker incidents, discuss trends/recommendations?

  • Image capture of the company investigation report


Evaluator's Information

  • Signature

  • Select date

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