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Front Desk / Reception

  • 1. Are the customers greeted upon arrival?

  • 2. Is the waiting area clean and inviting to the public?

  • 3. Are the “Building Guides” up-to-date and available to the public?<br>

  • 4. Are all office employees compliant with the SAFEbuilt dress code?<br><br>

  • 5. Is the program information, (i.e. HIP, RR), displayed clearly for customers?

  • 6. Are documents organized and ready for distribution?

  • 7. Are business cards available to hand to customers?

  • 8. Is survey information available for clients?

  • 9. Are submittal checklists available for clients? And have they been completed?

  • 10. Are the codes available to the customer?<br>

  • 11. Are the core values displayed and visible?

Policy Compliance

  • 1. Is the monthly client reporting up to date?

  • 2. Is the SAFEbuilt client report updated?

  • 3. Is there a SAFEbuilt records retention policy?

  • 4. Is there an activity report and is it up-to-date?

  • 5. Have regularly scheduled check-in meetings with Clients been documented? Are they in compliance with SAFEbuilt standards?<br><br>

  • 6. Is the year end reporting up to date?

  • 7. Are all permit files complete with all required information included?<br>

  • 8. Is there a “Cash Handling” policy in the office?<br><br>

  • 9. Are training plans available? <br>

  • 11. Are State/Federal employment posters posted in a visible location?<br><br>

  • 12. Are employee evaluations complete?

Programs (Are the following programs offered at the office)

  • 1. Homeowner Clinic (minimum one annually)

  • 2. INSP (Inspection Notification Services Program)

  • 3. Rapid Review

  • 4. EPR (Electronic plan review)

  • 5. Is there a BOA (board of appeals or board of adjustment) established for each client?

  • Community Outreach Plan

  • 6. Regular staff meeting w/notes (internal)

Website / Online Resources (These are things that should be on the city website)

  • 1. Building Department Contact Information

  • 2. Up to date Building guides

  • 3. Required Inspections

  • 4. Checklist

  • 5. Fees for all building services

  • 6. Business Hours

  • Other Observations?

Plan Reviews

  • Building Permit Application filled out completely?

  • Are Residential and Commercial application checklists available?

  • Has the project valuation been checked and revised?

  • Has all the building information (set backs, square foot, etc..) been input into the permitting system?

  • Have correction letters been uploaded to the permit system?

  • Are plan review check lists being used for plan reviews?

  • Do plans get stamped approved with the SAFEbuilt stamp?

  • Are all approved plans stored in one specific area?

  • Are you performing any audits on your plan reviews? If so, what percentage?

  • Do you have a specific area dedicated for plan reviews?

Final Evaluation Notes

  • Notes

  • Signature of person inspecting

  • Signature of supervisor on site

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