Critical States (People)

Mind on task (Concentrating and aware of environment)

Eyes on task (looking at what they are doing and where the are going)


Balance traction or grip

Line of fire (Hazards)

PPE (required, used correctly, good condition)

Body position (falling, struck by, pinch points etc)

Guards, barriers, rails, traffic controls, safety observers

Isolation (lockout, tags, switching)

Area housekeeping

Body mechanics (people)

Lifting, bending, twisting

Repetitive motions

Excessive reaching, pulling, pushing

Standing, sitting, kneeling for long periods

Comfortable (versus awkward position)

Permits, procedures and standards

Are all permits, procedures and standards current, readily available, understood and followed

Tools and equipment

Safe condition (pre-start checks completed, checked and tagged)

Correct tool used for each task

Tools and equipment used safety

Brief description of the task observed
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Safe acts observed
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Unsafe acts/conditions observed
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Opportunities for improvement
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Recorded into Guardian

If actions assigned to someone not involved with the observation, has courtesy contact been made?

Site controller sign off (to confirm observation took place)
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