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  • OPUN

  • Region

  • Manager

  • Total Ha

  • Number of workers


OSH Policy

  • Security post

  • Main office, muster ground, all workplace

Road signages

  • Speed limit, sound horn, bridges, culverts

  • Sharp bends, right turns, left turns, junctions

Guard post

  • Wear helmets, OSH policy, UTAMAKAN KESELAMATAN

  • STOP, security check

Compulsary signages

  • Wear appropriate PPE (all areas), UTAMAKAN KESELAMATAN

  • Classification of pesticides (chemical store)


Issuance of PPE

  • Records of PPE distribution

  • Evidence of agreement to comply with usage

Compulsory PPE for executives and staff

  • Executive level - helmet, safety vest, safety boots

  • Staff level - helmet, safety vest, safety boots

Implementation of PPE

  • Harvester - halmet, cotton gloves, safety boots

  • Sprayer - safety goggles, apron, gloves, respirators

Penalty system for non usage

  • Evidence of agreement between management and workers

  • Evidence of penalty system for non usage

Transportation safety

Proper transportation for workers

  • Transport trailer for workers

  • PPE for drivers - helmet, safety vest, safety boots

Implementation of helmets for motorcyclist

  • Management memo for compulsory use of helmets

  • Evidence of helmet use in estate

Condition of workers transportation

  • Maintenance records for transport trailers

  • Physical inspection of transport trailers

Contractors compliance to OSH

  • Management memo for compulsory use of PPE fro drivers

  • Evidence of training and compliance to estate's OSH rules

Workshop safety

Cleanliness and safe precautions

  • Evidence of 5S practices in daily work

  • Red and white poles, color coded areas


  • Wear appropriate PPE and UTAMAKAN KESELAMATAN

  • OSH policy

PPE compliance

  • Visual inspection of PPE usage

  • PPE records for workshop workers

Diesel storage tank

  • Signages - no smoking, highly flamable

  • Bund wall built to hold minimum 110% capacity of diesel

Chemical store

Labelling of chemicals

  • All labels are in place

  • Temporary storage of chemicals are labelled appropriately

Local exhaust ventilation fan installed

  • LEV are installed in the hazardous chemical storage

  • Mintenance records of LEV fans


  • Warning signages displayed for hazardous chemicals

  • Compulsory signages are displayed (as in criteria signages)

OSH notice board (MSDS, SOP, OSH, policies)

  • Physical display of all OSH related materials

  • Regular updates done of OSH notice boards

Pre-mix and emergency facilities

Pre-mixing facilities

  • Implementation of pre-mixingg procedures for pesticides

  • Pre-mix trays are available for use

PPE training for sprayers

  • Evidence of PPE training for sprayres

  • Visual evidence of PPE usage among sprayres

Emergency eye wash and shower

  • Emercency eye wash is constructed nearby and maintained

  • Emergency shower is constructed nearby and maintained

Shower room and changing room for sprayers

  • Shower and changing room is constructed for sprayers

  • Evidence of usage

OSH filing

Records updated

  • Records of DOSH related documents updated (JKKP forms)

  • OSH committee meeting updated

OSH committee letter of appointment

  • Appointment letter for chairman is signed by Regional Head

  • Committee appointment letters signed by chairman

Emergency respond plan

  • Emergency layout plan for fire evacuation

  • Procedures for first aid/ medical emergencies

Training records

  • Evidence of training for staff and workers

  • Trainings are updated with evidences

Health and welfare

Linesite safety and health

  • General cleanliness and safety are practiced

  • No illegal extension and clogged drains

Rubbish collection

  • Documented rubbish collection available and displayed

  • Rubbish collection pit is available and maintained


  • Annual fogging schedule available

  • Fogging is conducted in regular intervals

Medical facilities

  • Hospital Attanden available

  • Clinic facilities are available



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  • OPUN Personel

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  • Manager

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