Floors and aisles

  • Are floors and aisles clean and free of dirt, scrap, and tripping hazards?

  • Are materials and equipment stacked in aisles?

  • Is there any water, oil, or grease patches on floors from spillage or dripping

  • Which cell would you consider the cleanest


  • Are exits clear of scrap and stored materials inside, and clear of debris and snow outside

  • Are stairways provided with railings

  • Are trash containers available and properly marked

  • Are ladders in good repair and properly used

Scrap Handling and DIsposal

  • Are trash containers available and properly marked

  • Are containers emptied regularly

  • Does scrap tend to collect and become a fire hazard

Material Storage

  • Are materials/finished goods damaged and stacked safely

  • Are returnable containers (full or empty) on floor level

  • Do piles of material interfere with exits or sprinkler pipes

  • Are there broken/damaged pallets or pieces of skids in manufacturing or shipping area

Fire Protection/Prevention

  • Are exits properly marked

  • Are fire extinguishers conveniently located and properly marked

  • Are extinguishers checked periodically for damage and is recharging date indicated. Use facility map to locate all extinguishers. Initial and date tag on each if all is ok.

  • Is hot work permit system current or any permits expired

  • Is maintenance staff familiar with the Sprinkler Work Permit system and requirements

Electrical Equipment, Lighting, and Wiring

  • Are electrical circuits, equipment, and powered hand tools properly grounded

  • Are extension cords adequate, in good condition, and properly used

  • Is the required 36 inches clearance in front of electrical panels maintained

Storage of Flammable Liquids

  • Are storage buildings and cabinets adequate, properly marked and well maintained

  • Are all flammable liquids for in plant use kept in safety containers

  • Are flammable liquids properly marked

  • Is there any location in the plant with more than 60 gallons of flammable material in one location, excluding hydraulic oil

Machinery, Equipment, Tools, Fixtures

  • Are point of operation guards in place and properly adjusted

  • Are safety switches and gates in place and operating properly

  • Are all noise abatement guards in place

  • Do you have any suggestions for reducing noise in the production area

  • Use facility map and check all pedestal grinders. Tool rest adjustment - 1/8 inch max. Tongue guard adjustment - 1/4 inch max.

  • Are all overhead doors safety switches functioning properly

  • Is equipment in the manufacturing cells clean and wiped down

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Are safety glasses/face shields provided and used in designated areas

  • Are gloves provided and used when handling solvents or working in purge areas

  • Are ear plugs provided for use in high noise areas

  • Are eye wash fountains/safety showers provided where required

  • Are logs for testing of hard plumbed eyewash/showers maintained. Use facility map for locations.

Safety Program and Education

  • Is an active safety program in place

  • Are safety committee meetings held on a regular basis with documentation of minutes

  • Are all accident reports reviewed with action plans put into effect to prevent reoccurrence

  • Are safety meetings conducted on a regular basis to train employees in safe working procedures

  • Is safety information posted regularly and distributed to employees when appropriate

  • Is there a follow up corrective action plan to correct safety discrepancies

First Aid

  • Are trained personnel available on all shifts to render first aid

  • Are first aid supplies and facilities adequate

  • Is there a posted list of personnel trained in first aid

  • Does AED battery read OK

  • Record use before date of AED unit (upper right corner of unit)

HCS Compliance

  • Are all personnel aware of and trained in the requirements of the hazardous communication program and right to know laws

  • Are the appropriate personnel trained in regard to hazards associated with specific chemical substances used in their department

  • Is the written HCS available to employees for their review

  • Are current inventory lists of all chemical substances available for each department

  • Is a MSDS available for each chemical on the list and if not has one been requested

  • Are MSDS's available to personnel in the using departments

  • Are legible labels applied to all containers

Gas Cylinders ( LP/Oxygen/Acetylene )

  • Are cylinders stored properly

  • Are cylinders chained to hand carts or properly strapped to lift trucks

Unsafe Practices

  • Failure to use protective equipment

  • Climbing on presses or other equipment

  • Improper lifting

  • Improper use of air hoses

  • Horseplay or other unsafe acts

  • Are lift equipment (forklift,man lift,order pickers) safety checklists filled out and up to date

Emergency Procedures and General Safety Precautions

  • Are emergency procedures setup and are employees aware of plans and what to do in the event that the building must be evacuated

  • Have emergency plans been setup in the event of severe weather warnings

  • Do you have any specific instructions for making this facility safer

Part/Material Containment(document with pictures)

  • Are floors and aisles clear of molded product

  • Are floors and aisles clear of raw material(pellets/regrind)

  • Is auxiliary equipment (assembly and material handling ) clear of raw materials, grindings, dust, debris

  • Are molding machines/assembly equipment clear of molded product or fallout

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