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1. Hazardous Communication 1910.1200

  • Is there a SDS with a Table of Contents?

  • Employees trained and documented annually?

  • Are eye wash stations easily available?

  • Do employees have unlimited access and know where to find the SDS?

  • Is there documented test scores for required annual training?

2. Emergency Action Plan. 1910.138

  • Does the Emergency Action Plan list two muster areas?

  • Are employees trained and documented?

  • Is there documented drills?

  • Are Evacuation Plot Plans posted?

3. Fire Prevention. 1910.157

  • Fire extinguishers inspected annually?

  • Are fire extinguishers inspected monthly?

  • Is there adequate signage identifying location of extinguishers?

  • Are extinguishers easily accessible?

  • Are employees trained annually with documentation on use of extinguishers?

  • Emergency exits clear with exit lights in order?

4. Housekeeping. 1910.22

  • Floor surfaces even and uncluttered?

  • All closet spaces neat and in order?

  • General housekeeping in order?

  • Waste bins emptied adequately?

5. Electrical Safety. 1910.304

  • All cords three prong with ground and in good condition?

  • Cords free from causing a tripping hazard?

  • All junction boxes with cover plates?

  • Electrical breakers easily accessible and in good condition?

  • All electrical breakers properly identified ?

6. First Aid Facilities. 1910.151

  • First aid kit stocked and all contents current (not expired)?

  • Is first aid kit accessible at all times?

7. Blood Borne Pathogens. 1910.1030

  • Employees trained with documentation annually?

  • Is there documented test scores of<br>required annual training?

  • Is there a written plan updated annually

8. Postings

  • Is the Tennessee Right To Know poster displayed?

  • Is the OSHA 300 Log posted?

9. Other

  • Any other findings, hazards or notations?

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