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  • Name & SESA Number of first person audited:

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  • SE Business

  • Auditors Names:

  • Type of Auditors

  • Describe the work being completed:

At the vehicle

  • 1. 1. Is the vehicle documentation, and required markings present and valid?

  • 1. 2. Is the vehicle content secure and barriers in place?

  • 1. 3. Identify any other vehicle safety equipment (high-vis vests, accident triangle, first aid etc.)

  • 1. 4. Is the vehicle content organized?

  • 1. 5. Identify the general PPE available to the Auditee:


  • 2. 1. Is the Auditee aware of the Fire & Medical emergency procedures?

  • 2. 2. Has the Auditee confirmed with the customer the location of all devices that will isolate the electrical energy in the event of an emergency?


  • 3. 1. Has the Auditee completed a Hazard Assessment & Written Work Plan?

  • 3. 3. Has the Auditee received training on the product they are working on?

  • 3. 4. Has the Auditee received safety training in the previous 12 months?

  • 3. 5. (If more than one person are carrying out work) Has the person in charge been identified on the documentation?

  • 3. 6. Explain the tasks being performed detailing key hazards and voltages?


  • 4. 1. Has the FE inspected his/her tools & equipment?

  • 4. 2. Are the tools in good working order (Insulation not damaged)

  • 4. 3. Specific Tools - Leads have only 4mm exposed / Box cutters have auto retractable blades


  • 6. Working at heights<br><br>6. 1. Does the access equipment used comply with GSD 10-Guidance-Document-Ladders? <br>

  • 6. 2. Is a safety harness used if required when working at height?

  • 6. 3. Are people working below protected?

  • 6. 4. Has scaffolding been inspected & tagged by a competent person?


  • 5. 1. Is the environment safe? Lighting adequate, guards in place, overhead hazards controlled, chemicals controlled, slip trip fall hazards removed?<br><br>

  • 5. 2. Is the employee wearing appropriate PPE for the hazards identified? (i.e. Mechanical gloves, hearing protection, etc.)


  • 10. 1. When was the last safety audit by the Auditee's manager or delegate?

  • 10. 2. Describe the actions taken following the last audit:

  • 10. 3. How many times did the Auditee receive safety communication in the previous 12 months?

  • 10. 4. How does the Auditee access safety information?

  • 10. 5. Has the Auditee reported any near misses and safety improvement suggestions in the previous year?

  • 10. 6. If a near miss has been reported, is the Auditee satisfied with the preventative action taken?

  • 10. 7. What has prevented the Auditee from being fully compliant?


  • Record any non-compliances to procedures here:

  • Record any good behaviours or practices observed here:

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